Manage is to plan, organize, direct and control, making decisions about resources available and required for the management of an organization, taking into account the professional information, teams, economic, political and social development of their region, the country and the world.

To plan, organize, direct and control, the administrator must be prepared to:

  • Setting goals and objectives;
  • Analyze, understand and solve problems
  • Organize and allocate resources, both financial, technological and as humans;
  • Leading, communicating, directing and motivating people;
  • Negotiate;
  • Make decisions;
  • Control, measuring and evaluating.

The good performance of the administration depends on what the professional can be a good leader, capable of dealing with people, negotiating and communicating, and also able to make decisions, taking a systemic and global view of the situation it manages.

The administrator profession is historically recent and was regulated in Brazil on September 9, 1965, when we celebrate the Day of the Administrator.

The course of Unimes was conceived in 1969, recognized in 1971, and currently the best regional concept in the National Examination of Student Performance - ENADE, the Ministry of Education, ranks among the nation's best courses.

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  • Portuguese (Brazil)
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Mar 2020
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Mar 2020
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Mar 2020

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