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The UNIFENAS Administration course, Câmpus Alfenas, is affiliated to the FGV quality certification program. The teachers' qualifications and professional experiences, the pedagogical project of the course and the infrastructure of the course are analyzed carefully by the FGV team. This achievement of the UNIFENAS Administration course, Campus Alfenas, shows its excellence and quality! The accredited institutions have achieved excellent results in the tests applied by the MEC (Ministry of Education) for the students of the Institutions of Higher Education in order to measure the quality of the educational process. In 2012, 88% of the accredited institutions obtained a maximum grade, and the 12% who did not take a maximum mark took the highest grades in their states. To achieve these results, the student is prepared to understand the scientific, technical, social and economic issues of production and its management, observing the gradual levels of the decision-making process, as well as to develop qualitative and adequate management, revealing the assimilation Of new information and presenting intellectual flexibility and contextualized adaptability in dealing with diverse situations, present or emerging, in the various segments of the manager's field of activity. It is also prepared to recognize problems and propose alternative solutions, develop and implement creative and innovative projects that can lead to the development of the organization and of the society itself, as recommended by the National Curricular Guidelines for Administration courses.


The course aims at the formation of competent and creative professionals capable of responding to market needs, leading organizations of any size, being successful in their own projects or acting with responsibility and ethics in the third sector or in public management. The preparation includes the use of modern tools to diagnose problems, design solutions and monitor results.

International Modules

Possibility of agreements with foreign universities.

Qualified faculty

Highly qualified teachers, with degree and experience in the labor market, are part of the faculty that shares the knowledge with the students of the Administration course.


The commitment to teaching excellence and effective student learning is a constant concern of the UNIFENAS Administration course. The only FGV certified institution in the South of Minas Gerais, the course offers differentiated learning methodologies, with experience of theoretical knowledge, through the organization of students, fairs, events, forums and lectures, as well as consulting practice and a business plan. The course also has a University Entrepreneurship League (LEU) and the Third Sector Studies Center (NETSU). All this with the proposal of being among the best schools of Administration of the state of Minas Gerais.


The course has a laboratory of Management Practices, with 40 computers, round tables, air conditioning and space for the development of practical activities. All computers are connected to a high speed internet. We also have a policy of licensing the latest Microsoft software, educational as well as partnerships with companies. All classrooms have multimedia projector with sound system and wi-fi access.

Complementary and integrative activities

The complementary activities open space for the student to exercise learning in other places and different times of classrooms and laboratories. Integrative activities - management practices aim to make the course as close as possible to the practical relationships of professional life. They are present throughout the course and constitute an integral space of action between teaching, research and extension. They are mainly aimed at curricular updating - with variable programmatic content - by incorporating new themes of scientific relevance, but which do not develop in autonomous disciplines. These activities allow new situations that will facilitate the development of skills and important skills in the formation of the student, impacting on their professional life. They are: analysis of problems of society in the search for solutions; decision-making; Experience of leadership situations; Development of entrepreneurial profile and communication of interpersonal relations, among others.

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A UNIFENAS A Universidade José do Rosário Vellano – UNIFENAS, idealizada e fundada pelo Professor Edson Antonio Velano,é constituída por cinco campi com instalações especialmente projetadas e equipada ... Read More

A UNIFENAS A Universidade José do Rosário Vellano – UNIFENAS, idealizada e fundada pelo Professor Edson Antonio Velano,é constituída por cinco campi com instalações especialmente projetadas e equipadas com tecnologia avançada que, aliadas aos recursos humanos, colocam a UNIFENAS em posição de destaque no cenário educacional brasileiro. A Unifenas possui com um corpo docente bem qualificado por meio de pós-graduação stricto sensu (mestrado e doutorado) e metodologias de ensino diferenciadas, que contribuem efetivamente para a construção do conhecimento dos profissionais formados pela universidade. Read less