Bachelor of Business Administration

Presentation and Professional Profile

The course aims to enable the student to work in the most diverse areas, such as Foreign Trade, Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Production, among others.

General objective

To train higher level professionals with capacity to act in the administrative area, observing ethical principles, that are capable of interacting in the social environment, contributing to the strengthening of the institution, be it in the business or public area, besides contributing to promote the transformations that are processed in society.

Specific objective

As specific objectives of the Course, the main skills that will be developed in the trainees are: - Apply contents that foster innovation and creative ability; - Resolve situations with adaptation and flexibility; - Develop logical, critical and analytical reasoning; - Understand the administrative whole; - Use interpersonal communication and correct expression in the interpretation of reality; - Develop the capacity to order activities and programs; - Resolve situations that involve the decision by alternatives and dimensioning of risks; - Apply theories in different organizational and social contexts.

Job market

The service sector offers the most opportunities, especially in the business tourism sector. In the general administration, the highlight is Human Resources, Logistics, Finance and Sales. UNIESP Management students learn how to deal with various everyday business challenges, how to avoid and find fault, what are the best postures and attitudes to solve employees' behavioral problems, what their roles and responsibilities are, as administrator and As a citizen, etc.

Main Theoretical and Practical Disciplines

The first two years are occupied by basic subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics, Law, Sociology, Accounting and Computer Science. Starting in the third year, specific subjects such as Logistics, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources start.

Supervised internship

The internship is a moment of fundamental importance in the vocational training process. We, at UNIESP, conduct a training that enables the student to experience what is being learned in the Faculty, with the function of integrating the numerous disciplines that make up the academic curriculum, giving them a structural unity and testing them the level of consistency and the degree of Entation.

Program taught in:
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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Mar 2020
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Mar 2020
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Mar 2020

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