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Program Description

Professional project management is a powerful tool to create new products and services and the implementation of targeted changes within individual organizations and companies, as well as the whole socio-economic and organizational systems. Effective project management in the modern organization, the basic concepts and methods of system management projects remain unknown to a significant number of managers that are updated by the establishment of project management as an independent profile of training managers with a certain amount of knowledge and skills.

Practice & Employment

The sphere of professional activity of graduates.

Organizations of any legal organizational form (Commercial, non-profit, state, municipal).

Bodies of the state and municipal government. Graduates in demand as a project management specialists in various fields of business, for a wide range of practical tasks: creating and bringing to market a new product, organizational changes, the implementation of enterprise management system, construction of buildings, and others.

The area of ​​professional tasksSolved graduates: development and implementation of projects in various fields of business; development and implementation of projects aimed at the development of the organization (enterprise, government or municipal government and others.); business plan development project; collection, processing and analysis of information for planning and decision-making; construction of corporate project management system; organization of the work of performers for specific projects; control activities of the project team; evaluation of the effectiveness of projects, etc.

Last updated Jul 2015

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