Management - profile "Management"


Program Description

Qualified management personnel in transport demand on all levels of its operation, in particular in the business processes at the transport service supply chains both material resources and finished products, as well as the formation of regional transport systems to support the road network with logistics centers. Preparation of the profile "Management" consists of 4 modules of disciplines: operations management; process control; management of foreign economic activity; management of transport and logistics system.

Practice & Employment

Alumni Profile "Management" can work in firms and companies as managers in the transport units in transport enterprises, territorial and municipal departments of transportation, logistics centers, customs, terminals, engineering and scientific and research institutions. Graduates can carry out the following types of professional activities.

Organizational and Management (Organization and development of corporate and competitive strategy of the organization, planning and activities of the organization departments, organization of work executors of projects; development and implementation of projects aimed at the development of the organization).

Information-analytic (Construction of the internal information management system to collect information for the purpose of decision-making, planning and monitoring, creating and maintaining databases on various parameters functioning of the institutions; evaluation of the effectiveness of administrative decisions).

Entrepreneurship (Business plan development, business organization).

Last updated Jul 2015