Management - profile "Logistics and Supply Chain Management"


Program Description

The main objective of logistics - finding the best options for the organization of decision-making, planning and management of material flows, information and finance. Classes are conducted with students profile in modern equipped classrooms, as well as on the basis of scientific and educational center of innovative technologies in logistics (REC-T). Since 2011 MADI conjunction with the University of Otto von Guericke, city Magdeburg, implementing joint educational program of bachelor's and master's degrees in the field of logistics. Students of this profile have the opportunity to obtain two diplomas.

Practice & Employment

Graduate Department "Logistics" has contacts with Russian and international companies, "Wimm-Bill-Dann», «STS Logistics», «FM Logistics», «DHL», «Major Cargo Service» et al., Which provides a high level of organization practices students and future employment after graduation. Specialists working and freight forwarding companies and firms engaged in transportation, cargo handling, warehousing, packaging, insurance, service, controlling and auditing, purchasing and distribution, information support. Graduates can occupy the following positions: logistician; logistician analyst; Logistics Manager; coordinator of logistics processes; customs clearance specialist (goods and vehicles); Purchasing Manager of logistics services (Logistics-Buyer).

Last updated Jul 2015

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