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Program Description


We are the academic unit of the Galileo University responsible for the training of teachers at the initial, pre-primary, primary, secondary and university levels; educational psychologists, planners and administrators, within an environment that fosters the permanent search for academic excellence.


The graduates, technicians, teachers, bachelor's degrees, masters and doctorates in Education and Tourism offered by the Faculty are a reference for those who seek to contribute to national development through research and the generation of new knowledge that contributes to the development and welfare of the population.


Improve the pedagogical practice of Guatemalan teachers. Reduce the dropout, repetition and non-promotion rates of students at the primary and secondary level. Facilitate the processes of social integration of people with disabilities. Contribute through scientific research, to find solutions for the satisfaction of special educational needs, linked or not, to disability.

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First year

1st Cycle
  • Comprehension techniques and verbal expression
  • Teaching practice I
  • Mathematics I
  • Children pedagogy
  • child psychology
  • Reading and writing workshop
    • Growth, development and early stimulation of the preschool child
    • Introduction to systemic thinking
    • Development of mathematical logical thinking
    • Constructivist learning strategies
    • Teaching practice II
    • Handling software packages I

Second year

3rd Cycle
  • Didactic art
  • Educative technology
  • Systemic thinking
  • Teaching practice III
  • History of guatemala
  • Nutrition and health
    • Learning the language, reading, writing and its didactic
    • Didactics of social sciences in children's education
    • Dance and theater
    • Teaching practice IV
    • Children's literature
    • Psychopathology of preprimary child

Third year

5th Cycle
  • Knowledge of the natural environment and its didactic
  • Teaching practice V
  • School performance evaluation
  • Educational planning
  • Psychopedagogical tests
  • Theory of knowledge and learning
    • Methodology of the teaching of mathematics and physics in children's education
    • Educational philosophy
    • Statistics I
    • Investigation methodology
    • Art projects
    • Seminar for teaching practice

Fourth year

7th Cycle
  • Biological bases of children's education
  • Psychomotor bases and perception of learning
  • Educational evaluation
  • Education by competences
  • Communication and professional ethics
  • Psychology of children with special needs
    • Administration of children's centers
    • Human resources administration I
    • Psychological and pedagogical trends in pre-primary education
    • Management and educational quality
    • Educational research I
    • Statistics II

Fifth year

9th Cycle
  • Curricular design
  • School supervision, supervision and evaluation
  • Teaching strategies
  • Education History
  • The plastic arts as a learning tool
  • Economic policy in the initial, preprimary and primary education
    • Conservation of the environment
    • Multicultural education
    • Pedagogic orientation
    • Adlerian thought
    • Handling software packages II
    • Seminar on educational problems of early and pre-primary education

Sixth year

11th Cycle
  • General knowledge other language
  • Graduate work

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  • Take the placement exam.
  • Legible photocopy of both sides of the mid-level title, authenticated by a notary.
  • Legible photocopy of the DPI Personal Identification Document, according to the standard required by the University and authenticated by a notary.
  • Simple photocopy of mid-level grade certificates.
  • The University will admit on a provisional basis, the person who does not present the registration requirements for each academic level, with the knowledge on the part of the same that may not be entitled to certificates, certificates of courses, diplomas or private exams, as long as there is no completed the above mentioned requirements.

Graduation Requirements

To obtain the degree in the Bachelor's degree:

  • Present a certificate of approval of 3 bimestres of a language study (English, French, German or Mayan language) granted by an authorized institution.
  • Pass private examination of the specialty.
  • Prepare graduation work (thesis).

Admission profile

They can enter the Bachelor of Primary Education, Teachers of Párvulos, Bachelors in Sciences and Letters, Bachelors with specialization in Education, Teachers in Primary Education, Teachers of Education for the Home.

Egress Profile

The education professionals graduated from the Galileo University have a solid formation in the area of their specialty, focused on the structured and systemic approach, able to face the challenges that education poses based on knowledge and the specific intellectual abilities of children. , adolescents and adults, with extensive knowledge of the administration of education and the contents of teaching that should be worked on in secondary school. Makes appropriate use of technology and research techniques, are interested in their learning and practice of ethical, moral and civic values.

Last updated May 2019

About the School

Universidad Galileo es una entidad educativa superior, producto de 40 años de labor y esfuerzo constante de un selecto grupo de profesionales encabezado por el Doctor Eduardo Suger Cofiño, Ph.D., fund ... Read More

Universidad Galileo es una entidad educativa superior, producto de 40 años de labor y esfuerzo constante de un selecto grupo de profesionales encabezado por el Doctor Eduardo Suger Cofiño, Ph.D., fundador y Rector, quien ha logrado conformar una propuesta educativa completamente diferente a la tradicional y que es impulsadora por un lema muy claro: “Educar es cambiar visiones y transformar vidas.” Read less
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