Law degree


Program Description

This degree was developed based on an alignment between the teaching of Law and the needs of the market, thus ensuring the maximization of professional opportunities. It is essentially from this balance that an immersion in management is included in the degree that prepares any student for the interconnection between Law and the business area.

Additionally, the degree offers a differentiating faculty that is characterized by a complement between a deeper and more classic view of the Law and a more innovative and daring view with a global approach.

Throughout the course, students will also have access to a more practical Law that is concretized in vocational experiences in a real context, seminars on emerging themes in the area and in the bet on crucial soft skills for a Law professional: communication skills, negotiation and argumentation and legal English.


Career Opportunities

  • Legal advice
  • Advocacy
  • Diplomacy
  • Notary
  • Judiciary
  • Legal Advice

Entrance Examinations

Geography or Portuguese or History.

International experience

The Universidade Europeia offers its students the possibility of international mobility under the Erasmus + program and other cooperation protocols. It currently has about 200 partner universities scattered around the world. Among these, the main destinations of choice for our students are Universidad Andrés Bello (Chile), the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (Peru), the University of Bologna (Italy), the University of Rijeka (Croatia), the Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague (Czech Republic), Kozminski University (Poland), among others.

Each program presents a list of specific partnerships, to be consulted with the International Office.


Institutions that collaborate academically throughout the degree:

  • Judicial Studies Center
  • Bar Association
  • Order of bailiffs and enforcement agents
  • National Institute of Industrial Property


1st Semester

  • Principles of Public Law
  • Principles of Private Law
  • economy
  • Fundamentals of European Common Law

2nd Semester

  • Constitutional right
  • Legal Business Theory
  • Public finances
  • History of Portuguese Law
  • Computer Systems
  • Legal English I

3rd Semester

  • Administrative law
  • General theory of civil law
  • Fiscal right
  • Public International Law
  • Negotiation and Argumentation
  • Legal English II

4th Semester

  • Civil Procedural Law
  • Right of duties
  • Real rights
  • European Union law
  • Family Law

5th Semester

  • Administrative Procedural Law
  • Contract Law
  • Commercial law
  • Economic Law
  • Succession Law
  • Legal Writing Techniques

6th Semester

  • Criminal Law
  • Civil responsability
  • Regulation and Competition Law
  • Commercial societies law
  • Vocational Exploration: Private Sector
  • Optional I

7th Semester

  • Criminal Procedural Law
  • Labor Law
  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • International Contracts
  • Vocational Exploration: Public and Courts
  • Optional II

8th Semester

  • Consumer Law
  • Commercial Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Private International Law
  • Legal Practicum
  • Moot Court
  • Optional III
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About the School

The Universidade Europeia is located in Portugal and offers access to student-centered quality education.

The Universidade Europeia is located in Portugal and offers access to student-centered quality education. Read less
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