Land transport technological systems - Profile "Conveyor, building, road machines and equipment"


Program Description

Students learn the basics of the design and the device (including automated) handling and road construction machinery, research methods of working and information processes, defining their parameters. Students also learn new and innovative processes and equipment in the field of engineering, maintenance and operation of road and technological machines and automated systems. During the course students learn the basics of business, marketing and commercial activities in the areas of training and management skills will have a self-propelled equipment.

Practice & Employment

During the program, students undergo practical training for engineering and repair works, as well as management of mechanization of construction. Students are also given the opportunity of practical training abroad: in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and Hungary. Bachelors who have professional knowledge and skills according to specialization needed for engineering and repair factories to dealer firms in the customs authorities, the State Inspectorate, as well as in the centers of corporate service machines.

Last updated Jul 2015

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