International Undergraduate Program (IUP) in Public Policy and Management


Program Description

International Undergraduate Program in Public Policy and Management (IUP PPM) is the first public policy and management program in Indonesia that has been accredited by AUN (Asean University Network) at Program Level under the umbrella of ASEAN-QA. It reaffirms the quality of education we are providing, not only in Indonesia but also in ASEAN standards.

The program is purposefully designed to respond to new challenges on public administration in local and national, as well as global level, and aims at arming students with knowledge and skills in three main areas:

  1. Governance and Public Policy
    This area of interest is designed to arm student with board understanding and technical capacity to make public policy, implement and evaluate it, as to underpin governance structure, which structures its process;
  2. Public Management and Innovation
    Managing public sector in a new context requires professional practitioner with a strong background in human resource management, public service innovation, and knowledge management, which are delivered in this area of interest;
  3. International Development and Policy
    This new area of interest focuses on preparing students with an international dimension of development, preparing them in pursuing a career path in international corporations, and international NGOs).

Besides that, IUP in PPM offers student opportunities to experience international exposure through one of the following tracks:

  1. Study Abroad Program (one to two semesters in partner university)
  2. Student exchange or credit transfer (one to two semesters in partner university)

In addition:

  1. Internship (three to six months in Indonesia-based international organizations, embassies, internationally-linked government bodies, donor institutions, international NGOs, or multinational corporations).
  2. International executive training or short course program in (one week up to three months in foreign countries).

The exposure is made possible by an extensive network with international universities such as:

  • University of Agder, Norwegia
  • University of Groningen, Netherland
  • University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  • The University of Melbourne, Australia
  • University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
  • Utrecht University, Netherland
  • Leiden University, Netherland
  • Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
  • De La Salle College of St. Benilde, Philippines

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) offers a safe and convenient location for studying and living with affordable living cost and rich multi-cultural atmosphere in Yogyakarta. From the connection aspect, the city is widely connected to major regional hubs (e.g Kuala Lumpur and Singapore) and major Indonesian cities (e.g Jakarta, Bali, Balikpapan, Makassar).


Our curriculum consists of a 3,5 to 4 years program that comprises core and elective courses to cater to basic knowledge and skills in public policy and management as well as the three areas of interest. The program structure is designed as follows:

University compulsories (5 courses, 15 credits)

  1. Religious Study and Multiculturalism
  2. Pancasila and National Ideology
  3. Civic and Citizenship
  4. Thesis
  5. Community Services

Faculty compulsories (6 courses, 17 credits)

  1. Basic of Social Science
  2. Introduction to Political Science
  3. Indonesian Social and Political History
  4. Indonesian Social and Political System
  5. Academic Writing
  6. Social Research Methods

Department compulsories (17 courses, 68 credits)

  1. Public Sector Economics
  2. Classics of Public Administration
  3. Public Management
  4. Public Policy
  5. Constitutional Law
  6. Theories of Organization
  7. Quantitative Research
  8. Qualitative Research
  9. Theories of Development
  10. Public Values and Citizenship
  11. Decentralization in Developing Countries
  12. Institutional Building
  13. Leadership in the Public Sector
  14. Public Sector Reform
  15. Global Governance
  16. Public Sector Accountability
  17. Internship

Area of interest (9 courses, 36 credits)

International Development and Policy Interest (IDP)

  1. International Tourism
  2. NGOs and International Development Assistance
  3. Small and Medium Enterprise in the Global Market
  4. Globalization and Trade
  5. ASEAN Community
  6. Energy Security
  7. International Institutions

Public Management and Innovation Interest (MP)

  1. Public Sector Audit
  2. Risk Management
  3. Marketing for the Public Sector
  4. Public-Private Partnership
  5. Climate Change and Disaster Management
  6. Knowledge Management and Innovation
  7. International Institutions

Governance and Public Policy (PP)

  1. New Media and Policy Making
  2. Urban Governance and Global Cities
  3. Gendering Public Policy
  4. Global Public Policy
  5. Decentralization Policy
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance
  7. International Institution

The program offers a wide variety of learning approaches and innovations, such as full delivery in English, contemporary curriculum, student-centered and research-based learning, experiential learning, international exposure activities, and career development advisory.

International Exposure

As partial fulfillment of undergraduate degree in public policy and management, students are required to take one semester abroad in our partner universities or to undertake an internship in internationally-linked institutions. IUP DPPM will facilitate credit transfer for students who intend to take the semester(s) abroad, either for exchange programs or double degree.

Learning Facilities

Course materials, fully-equipped classrooms, e-learning facilities, studios/laboratory, library with access to international journals, student lounge, free high-speed internet access, student service office.

Admission Requirements

  1. Graduates of 2019, 2018, and 2017 from senior high school or equivalent with good academic records.
  2. Good academic capability, as indicated by a score of Gadjah Mada Scholastic Test (GMST).
  3. Good proficiency in English, as indicated by a score of Academic English Proficiency Test (AcEPT) UGM.
  4. Pass interview test.

Admission Procedures

  1. Sign up for an application account.
  2. Complete the online application form and upload the necessary documents (Minimum 150 KB and maximum 200 KB).
  3. Pay a non-refundable application fee: Rp. 1.500.000.
  4. Print application form. If you encounter any problem printing the application, please feel free to contact us.
  5. Admission Card can be printed on the day as mentioned in your application account.

Prospective Career Options

  • Policy analyst
  • Diplomat
  • Public sector manager
  • Journalist
  • Community development specialist
  • Government official
  • NGOs activist
  • Researcher/Scholar
  • Politician
  • Multinational corporation executive
  • Human resource manager
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About the School

Considered one of the oldest universities in Indonesia, Universitas Gadjah Mada serves as a pillar of educational awakening in Indonesia and purports to be a defender and disseminator of Pancasila.

Considered one of the oldest universities in Indonesia, Universitas Gadjah Mada serves as a pillar of educational awakening in Indonesia and purports to be a defender and disseminator of Pancasila. Read less