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Course with maximum grade, Concept 5, in the evaluation of the MEC

  • 1st course of Ribeirão Preto and region and 12th course of the State of São Paulo, among private institutions, according to RUF 2015.
  • Students at Unaerp's International Relations course take at least 100 hours of internship and 100 hours of complementary activities to expand their knowledge and complete their undergraduate degree.
  • Partnerships with more than 500 registered institutions and encourages students to seek opportunities in Brazil and abroad.
  • Technical visits and academic trips monitored by teachers in Europe and Latin America.
  • Extracurricular activities such as technical visits, lectures, symposia, scientific initiation, cultural meetings, among others.
  • Unaerp is concerned with providing students with academic quality of life, maintaining its two campuses designed for social and cultural coexistence, with a complete infrastructure, with several services that provide comfort and accessibility in areas for leisure, sports, living together and broad access to the collection Library and online databases.

Unaerp's International Relations course is structured to train professionals capable of analyzing in an integrated way the political, economic, commercial, cultural, humanitarian and environmental issues that are increasingly interdependent in relations between countries, companies, international organizations, NGOs and individuals. The geopolitical events and the intensification of the world commercial transactions opened several areas of work for the professionals of International Relations. The multidisciplinary practice promotes critical ability and teamwork, with an ethical, competent and effective attitude, so that they can work in an increasingly demanding, global and competitive market.


The curricular matrix is ​​the guiding axis for the development of students' skills and competences, which will have a solid scientific, technical and humanistic background, so that the future baccalaureate in International Relations is a proactive, responsible, ethical, up to date and competent professional.

There is a strong demand for dynamic professionals; Therefore, in addition to the basic and specific disciplines, Foreign Trade, International Negotiation and Strategic Planning disciplines are offered.

The course has an excellent library, research centers and various extension activities, such as national and international technical visits, lectures, symposiums, UN simulations, as well as stimulating volunteering, internships, exchange and practice of foreign languages.

Last updated Mar 2020

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•Primeira instituição de ensino superior da região de Ribeirão Preto, fundada em 1º de Junho de 1924 •Reconhecida pelo MEC como Universidade, em dezembro de 1985. •Campus sede em Ribeirão Preto e campus em Guarujá com licenciaturas, bacharelados e cursos superiores de tecnologia nas modalidades presencial e EAD e infraestrutura de ensino, pesquisa e extensão com laboratórios, equipamentos, biblioteca e recursos tecnológicos. •500 mil atendimentos à comunidade realizados em mais 30 programas de extensão, nas clínicas, laboratórios, hospital próprio e em hospitais, UPA e UBDs da cidade e região. Read less
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