Program Description

Double Degree: French and European

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Credits: 180 ECTS
  • Hours: 6 hours a day / 30 hours a week
  • English language
  • Entry profile: Baccalaureate
  • Price:
    Cash payment: € 8,900
    Place reservation: € 500 € 8,400 before 16/7/2019
  • Payment in 4 installments: € 9,200
    Place reservation: € 500
    50% before 15/7/2019 (€ 4,350)
    25% before 6/12/2019 (€ 2,175)
    25% before 01/4/2020 (€ 2,175)

Student selection process :

Send the requested documentation with the attached documents:

  • Registration dossier completed (IT IS ATTACHED TO THE MAIL)
  • Assessment notes or degree of higher studies
  • Document DNI / PASSPORT / NIE
  • passport photo
  • Portfolio of creative works.

All must be sent to:

You must reserve time for personal interview in our school or through Skype: Manuela Paredes

Once all the documentation has been received and the personal interview has been conducted, the student will be informed if he is accepted or not.

Limited places.

Digital design and visual communication represent a sector in constant evolution that covers more and more interrelated areas. For this, excellent training is necessary to promote creative and professional skills. It is important that all this be developed in a work environment that emulates the international agencies.

We work with students so that they can integrate, in the best possible conditions, with the most important international agencies. That is why we have developed a pedagogical project entirely in English, based on the absolute mastery of the competences of digital design, art direction and creative direction.

The mastery of English and the work shared with international teams are essential requirements for a project to be successful. Our students immerse themselves in an international creative culture in English, with students from all over the world and through classes led by professionals and teachers from an Anglophone professional and social environment.

The studies and their practical implementation will allow students to acquire solid technical and artistic knowledge, develop creative strategies, create user experiences and lead a team of graphic designers or web designers.

During the 2nd and 3rd years, internships will be held in national and international companies.

At the end of the curricular program, a jury composed of representatives of international agencies will assess the work of the student through the presentation, in English, of its digital portfolio.

Roger Cano Garcia, creative director of TBWA Barcelona


Applied teaching

  • Infographics: graphic software studies
  • Creative Studio: case studies
  • Advertising and visual communication projects

Areas of knowledge

  • Artistic direction
  • Advertising
  • Conception / Drafting
  • Web and UX / UI Design
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Creation of images
  • Graphism
  • Print / digital
  • Html / Css / Jquery / CMS
  • Storyboard and storyboard
  • Video and Motion design
  • Marketing and e-marketing

Workshops and events

  • Master Classes (artistic and creative direction, UX / UI, production management, etc.)
  • Production workshops
  • Agency modules
  • Workshops of mattepainting, creativity, motion design, advertising, etc.
  • Attendance to festivals, congresses, conferences and exhibitions.

Business practice

L'Idem Barcelona constantly maintains relationships in each sector of activity. During the third and fourth years, we propose internships in national and international companies (Canada, USA, Belgium, Spain, France, etc).

Professional outings

Artistic director, Graphic Designer, multimedia designer, Motion designer, UX designer, Webdesigner, Illustrator, designer-editor, etc.

Xavier Escolà, CEO of DO Bcn

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

L’Idem Creative Arts School forma a futuros profesionales de la animación y el diseño gráfico para su incorporación exitosa e inmediata en el mundo laboral. La clave de nuestro éxito es saber que form ... Read More

L’Idem Creative Arts School forma a futuros profesionales de la animación y el diseño gráfico para su incorporación exitosa e inmediata en el mundo laboral. La clave de nuestro éxito es saber que formar profesionales es, al mismo tiempo, formar personas. Read less