Degree in Civil Engineering


Program Description

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First Spanish university to integrate Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Civil Engineering studies.

100% of our students from the last class are already working in a sector that continues to grow.

  • 34 Student Clubs in which you can participate to express your university experience.
  • Laboratories: Geology, Hydraulics, Digital Manufacturing, Soil Mechanics or BIM Classroom

Characteristics of the Career in Civil Engineering

Internships in prestigious companies

  • Start Date: 10 September 2020
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Modality: Face-to-face
  • ECTS: 240
  • Language: Spanish
  • Campus: Madrid Villaviciosa de Odón
  • University: Universidad Europea of Madrid
  • Knowledge Area: Engineering
  • Study Type: Degree

Differential Values of the Degree in Civil Engineering

  • 100 % employability . All of our students find work after finishing the degree
  • 1 First to integrate BIM . First Spanish university to integrate BIM into the Civil Engineering curriculum
  • 33 % International . Of all the students at the Universidad Europea 33% are international

Why study Civil Engineering at the Universidad Europea ?

  • 33% of the students are international, we are prepared to train the professionals of the future and that is why we review and improve the curriculum of our degrees so that they evolve at the same rate as the professional sector does. In this way, our students start from the classroom to work with the tools and processes that they will use in their professional careers.
  • You will learn to use innovative tools such as BIM, which add value to companies and are already being implemented in organizations and institutions.
  • You have at your disposal different laboratories: Geology, Hydraulics, Digital Fabrication - FabLab, Soil Mechanics, BIM Classroom and 300 free access applications from anywhere in Open Labs.
  • You can participate in 34 Student Clubs to express your university experience and continue to expand knowledge and carry out high-impact projects such as those that have been done in Kenya or Nepal.
  • You will learn through projects and challenges in real companies that bring you closer to the world of civil engineers from day one.
  • You will visit at least one work per month, to control centers, fields, infrastructures, and you make an international trip per course to unique works.

Study Plan and Subjects

First course

  • 9954001101 Calculation I
  • 9954001102 Calculus II
  • 9954001103 Physical Foundations of Engineering
  • 9954001104 Representation and DAO Systems
  • 9954001105 Geology
  • 9954001106 Algebra and Statistics
  • 9954001107 Structural Mechanics
  • 9954001108 Materials Chemistry
  • 9954001109 Communication Skills in Engineering

Second course

  • 9954001201 Mathematical Models in Engineering
  • 9954001202 Business Management
  • 9954001203 Fluid Physics and Hydraulics
  • 9954001204 Surveying and Setting Out
  • 9954001205 Soil and Rock Mechanics
  • 9954001206 Strength of Materials
  • 9954001207 Structural Analysis
  • 9954001208 Physical Planning and Spatial Planning
  • 9954001209 Computational Numerical Calculus
  • 9954001210 Transport Infrastructure I
  • 9954001211 IT

Third course

  • 9954001301 Concrete and Metallic Structures
  • 9954001302 Construction Machinery and Electrical Installations
  • 9954001303 Transport Infrastructure II
  • 9954001304 Foundations
  • 9954001305 Urbanism and Urban Services
  • 9954001306 Maritime and Coastal Engineering
  • 9954001307 Structures Projects Workshop
  • 9954001308 Building and Facilities
  • 9954001309 Hydraulic and Energy Works and Utilization
  • 9954001310 Transport Engineering Workshop

Fourth grade

  • 9954001401 Environmental Impact Assessment
  • 9954001402 Health and Safety
  • 9954001403 Supply and Sanitation
  • 9954001404 Organization and Management of Projects and Works
  • 9954001405 History, Exercise, and Professional Deontology
  • 9954001406 English
  • 9954001407 Professional Practices
  • 9954001408 Final Degree Project
  • 9954001802 Professional Internships II

What will your EU experience be like?

Civil Engineering Careers

Where I can work?

As a civil engineer you will be able to work as a consultant or join construction companies in sectors such as infrastructure, renewable energy or urban and transport planning, which need professionals like you to plan, design and build all kinds of works. In addition, you can also develop your work in the different Public Administrations.


As a result of the implementation of BIM in the Study Plan, it has been possible to increase the incorporation of students and graduates in companies that want to implement this methodology. 100% of the civil engineering students of the last promotion are working in the sector.

Last updated Aug 2020

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To provide our students with a comprehensive education, educating leaders and professionals who are prepared to respond to the needs of a global world, to contribute value in their professions and to social progress through an entrepreneurial spirit and social commitment. Read less
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