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Program Description

Study a Bachelor's in Game Design in the Netherlands

Do you like playing games and are you particularly curious about what it takes to make a game work, its looks, its mechanics, its internal technical system and other interactive media? Then this programme may be something for you. This four year international major in Game Design as part of the Communication & Multimedia Design programme prepares you for becoming a designer in applied games and developer in gametools. Throughout the programme, you will work on defining and promoting game concepts, understanding the principles of game art, as well as developing the code for gameplay. While working in a team, you will learn how to turn a game concept into a final product and how to involve the end user in the development cycle. With an emphasis on research, innovation, intercultural communication, and entrepreneurship, it is both a generalist and a specialist training programme for the creative industry.

Career prospects

After completing this programme, you will have a foundation of skills and competencies for working as a game designer or game developer in an (applied) game studio or start your own business. Alternatively, you will also be able to work as a multimedia designer or multimedia developer in the creative industry.

First year

During the first year, you will be introduced to all the majors of the Communication & Multimedia Design programme, focusing on the basics of game design, visual & interaction design, programming and user experience. The first half of the year will focus on concepting and prototyping a game and developing it (making it digital). During the first year, you will be working in different teams and on actual products from the work field.

After the first year

After the first year, you will specialise in game design and get challenging applied game design cases. You will also dive into game development. You will learn to use game programming tools like Unity 3D, learn more about programming in C# and use these tools to build games for Virtual Reality and mobile. In the Game Lab, you will work in multidisciplinary teams on cases for real clients. You will take charge of your project and not only come up with a concept, but also develop it and create a final polished product. You will be coached by local experts you will involve end-users in the development of the product.

Completing the second year leaves you in an excellent position in terms of applying for a work placement or studying abroad, as your new skills and knowledge, as well as your portfolio, will put you in an advantageous position.

In the third year, you will complete work placement with a game studio in the Netherlands or abroad that suits your learning objectives. The other half of the third year offers many opportunities through minors at Hanze UAS or at one of our partner universities.

You will complete the programme once you have done a graduation assignment, in which you will address a complex case and design a game-based solution by using design research in combination with gathered skills and knowledge. By the end of your programme, you will have professional experience, a great set of personal skills, a diploma as well as a great portfolio, hence all the requirements to enter the games industry with.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to this programme you will need a national secondary school diploma or an international secondary school diploma. You must also have mathematics on your final grade list. Your educational qualifications must be equivalent to the Dutch HAVO secondary school diploma. As the programme is taught entirely in English, you may have to prove your English language proficiency, depending on your educational background and nationality.

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