First Level Triennial Course in Graphic Design and Visual Communication - Naples


Program Description

The academic course in graphic design forms creative designers with the theoretical and practical preparation to manage the design of visual communication.

The first level three-year course is recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and includes theoretical and practical lessons that address visual communication from multiple points of view.

The exponential growth of new communication channels and new formats is the most exciting challenge for a designer. Today, making visual communication means designing and creating coherent systems, capable of restoring meaning beyond the tools used.

Your course of study

What you will learn during the course

The study plans integrate design-expressive and technical-operative methods and market trends, to create truly required skills.

I year

You will begin to get closer to design in different shades, from illustration to graphic design, with solid foundations of art history.

Total CFA

II year

You will begin to approach the design of the creative concept and learn about the different channels to implement it. In addition, you can supplement the study plan with activities of your choice.

Total CFA

3rd year

You will deepen the methodological and marketing aspects of the visual communication project, and then integrate the program with activities of your choice.

Total CFA

Experiment and work to learn

The method of the Academy consists of 30% of lectures and 70% of practical application. Students will work in an open laboratory where they can experiment and learn, with classroom simulations of real situations, for example the realization of a prototype for a client.

The final tests and project

The final exam consists in the preparation and presentation of a multi-channel visual communication project. The project must include the preparatory phase, any moodboards and sketches, and all the material that may be functional to understanding the work performed.

The future after the Academy

After the course, you can work as a freelancer or collaborate on editorial projects, in companies and institutions, in the business communication sector, in business graphics and in digital media.

The concessions

Creativity belongs to everyone. For this reason there are facilities to facilitate access to studies at the Academy:

  1. Payment by installments
  2. Scholarships (ADISURC)
  3. Internal competitions for technical institutes
  4. Online teaching material included
Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Our Academy was born in the Sixties, from an idea of the Neapolitan tailor Domenico Lettieri.

Our Academy was born in the Sixties, from an idea of the Neapolitan tailor Domenico Lettieri. Read less
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