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Program Description

Following the establishment of the University of Ilorin as a University College of the University of Ibadan by the Federal Government of Nigeria in September 1975, the Faculty of Science was one of three Foundation Faculties that started an Academic business on 23rd October 1976.

The five foundation departments were Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology and Mineral Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. In the 1977/78 Session two more departments, Biochemistry and Statistics were added. The Department of Biological Sciences was split into three, namely Microbiology, Plant Biology and Zoology in 2000/2001 academic session. While Computer Science was transferred to Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences in 2008/2009 session. Currently, there are ten (10) programmes in the nine (9) Departments of the Faculty. The Chemistry Department has two programmes which are Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry started as one of the foundation departments in the Faculty of Science in 1976. Currently, the department is one of the largest departments in the Faculty of Science. Chemistry – a central discipline of science – deals with the world around us including life and physical science. It plays a vital part in our understanding of the structure and interactions of matter in the universe. Therefore it impacts on fields such as geology, environmental studies, medicine, new materials and agriculture.

Department of Mathematics

Philosophy and Objectives of the Department of Mathematics

The philosophy of the department is to produce graduates who are well-trained in all facets of Mathematics with the main purpose of meeting national needs in the area of technological advancement which is currently a global concern. Problem appreciation is located in the concrete objective of the Nigerian situation and cultural milieu.

The objectives of the department are :

  • i. To train students to be self-reliant in their chosen field of Mathematics.
  • ii. To produce students who are adequately prepared for postgraduate work.
  • iii. To produce Mathematicians who can readily impart their knowledge to students at lower levels of education.
  • iv. Development of self-confidence in handling problems with minimal or no supervision.
  • v. To train students to develop confidence in appreciating and solving problems in general.
  • vi. To produce students with good educational foundation for a range of career in public service, industries and commerce.
  • vii. To produce Mathematicians that can be self-employed

Department of Physics

The philosophy of the programme is the understanding of NATURE through Physics for intellectual and technological development of the society.

The B.Sc. Physics programme in the Faculty of Science, University of Ilorin, was introduced as one of the first set of academic programmes started by the University in 1976-77 sessions. From that time the programme and the Department fostering it have developed considerably regarding the staff strength, available laboratory space and other physical facilities, student numbers, curriculum and research.

Department of Statistics

OUR VISION: When we arrived, we met on the ground a department that was very active Academically. We joined in the excitement. Our vision was to build a Department of Statistics that would be second to none, at least on the West African Coast. We were very much conscious of the other Departments at the University of Ibadan and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. We were also very much aware of the Statistics programme at the ABU department of Mathematics. Our object was to become the reference point in Statistics. Our unwritten motto was ‘Ajise bi Oyo laari, Oyo ki ise bi enikan. To this end, our first act on arrival here was to carry out a critical review of the existing undergraduate syllabus.

Therefore, we proposed Postgraduate Syllabus. We also instituted Departmental seminars at which some of the lecturers were invited from the two close-by Universities at Ife and Ibadan. All these were instituted to make our Department the envy of another sister Departments of Statistics in the Country.

OUR MISSION: Our mission was to develop a Department of Statistics, here at Ilorin.

  • that will continue in the best tradition of academic,
  • that will continue to attract the best brains.
  • that will continue to produce competent statisticians for the public
  • establishments, industry and academic institutions.
  • that will be a second home for members of staff.

These desires found expressions in the way we conducted ourselves, in the dedication we had brought into the performance of our duties, in the way we related with our students and in the enviable relationship developed and nurtured between staff members.

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