European Bachelor in International Hotel & Tourism Management


Program Description

European Bachelor in International Hotel & Tourism Management

The European Bachelor is a 3-year bilingual program for undergraduate students. This program allows the students to hold management positions and be immediately operational.

Our European Bachelor in Hotel & Tourism Management responds perfectly to the needs of tourism and hotel industry. It is equivalent to the L-level in the LMD system, and is recognized by companies around the world and answers the needs of the Hotel and Tourism industry.


  • Acquire operational expertise
  • Provide solid foundations for integrating the professional world
  • Master both the theoretical and the practical aspects in the field of Hotel and Tourism industry

Teaching Methods

A Hospitality Business School means:

  • Rigorous work
  • To be communication minded
  • To be fully participating in class
  • Teamwork
  • Individual training


Teamwork is an essential part of the CMH teaching method. From the very beginning of the training, the student belongs to a section and a team within this section.

Between six to eight students are selected to represent a wide range of European and International nationalities and put together in a team. The teamwork (Group study) is only effective if the students go beyond the conflicts, that heterogeneous groups might create, in order to prepare their courses, reports, and talks. Relation’s coordinators who liaise with the permanent professors supervise the students.


Students must be willing to devote a large part of their personal time to the individual work, to coursework and to the preparation of group talks. Classes are divided into sections and supervised by a permanent professor and the courses are delivered either in French or English. The individual study of the various problems faced by French, European or international Hotel Companies in Paris, combined with different opinions, allows the students to have a better understanding and a global vision of problems they might meet during internships and Management training.


Students must work at a steady pace and must achieve the minimum required level in order to obtain the European Bachelor. We have adopted the credit system used by American and European universities preparing for European Bachelor and MBA as a rating system. The Credit is a measure of the study time used to assess the workload in a course. This includes both regular attendance and personal study (directed readings, teamwork, exam preparation, research, etc.)

Generally, the student should spend 1-hour class time for 2 hours individual study (Generally, we recommend one hour outside class study time for every hour of class time).

Please bear in mind that individual study is as important as class study! during the whole semester, student progress is measured by regular assessments. Grades obtained in these exams shall be factored in during the final evaluation. Poor results will thereby be identified.

Last updated Feb 2018

About the School

For over 35 years, our mission has been to meet the needs of the international market in the field of manager and executive training programs in Hospitality Management, Tourism, Luxury Brands and Inte ... Read More

For over 35 years, our mission has been to meet the needs of the international market in the field of manager and executive training programs in Hospitality Management, Tourism, Luxury Brands and International Affairs.Our Group develops the exchanges and extends its international presence to Europe, South-Eastern Asia, China, and Eastern Europe in partnership with corporations and corporate universities. Our strengths:An innovative and responsive teaching with programs combining the most modern methods of international management and the traditions of excellence in the Hospitality Business and Luxury Brands. A direct involvement in the industry, with courses and management training bringing the students to quickly assimilate the theoretical knowledge and technical-practical skills provided by the courses, and thus be fully operational by the end of their studies. A high-level faculty, made up of professors, from high ranked American and European universities, international experts and professionals. A professional and individual coaching with a coach. The coaching helps the participants to set their career plans and personal development. A multicultural environment with students from over 41 nationalities. This allows our participants to interact with each other, not only throughout the language but also through culture and mentality. A work-based program, that offers the opportunity to start a part-time professional activity for participants starting from the second year and full-time one for the MBA students. A bilingual program (French / English) allowing real bilingualism. European and International recognition of our degrees. Our courses are accredited by ECBE - European Council for Business Education - and ACBSP - Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, which gives them European and International recognition. Thanks to those accreditations, our students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in one of our 750 partner universities of the network ACBSP-ECBE-ECMU and to validate a double degree. Read less