Engineering - profile "equipment and technology, and improve the wear resistance of details of machines and devices"


Program Description

University graduates, trained in this area, receive a bachelor's degree and are experts in the field of mechanical engineering and automotive repair, road construction and other production machines. Students deeply study the methods and means to improve the durability and other properties that define the quality of parts, assemblies and machines. Master the advanced production technology and disaster recovery of domestic and foreign technology, modern methods of designing processes and equipment using a computer. The basis for this is the deep fundamental training in general scientific and engineering disciplines, which is laid on the junior courses.

Practice & Employment

Students receive practical training at machine-building plants, scientific research, proektnokonstruktorskih organizations. Students are also given the opportunity of practical training abroad: in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and Hungary. Bachelors of this profile training can work in enterprises, creating new car and construction equipment; organizations that perform maintenance and repair business; producing new and restore worn parts of machines; in engineering and technology firms. In addition to manufacturing, service, and research institutions, graduates can successfully work using their professional knowledge, in large distribution and dealer firms engaged in the supply of vehicles, construction machinery and spare parts.

Last updated Jul 2015