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Economics is one of the areas of knowledge that becomes more speed. The network of decisions taken by institutions that form the international market today, impacting industries and careers. A graduate in Economics from the Rio de Janeiro Ibmec aims to train qualified professionals to analyze complex issues involving the financial market vagaries and economic impacts on national and global level, giving you a position to compete for the best positions in the national and international market, whether in consulting in the financial sector and educational and research institutions.

With more emphasis on training in modern economic theory (microeconomics, macroeconomics and finance) and quantitative methods (mathematics, statistics and econometrics), the course combines scientific rigor, traditional analytical and quantitative area of ​​exact sciences to applied perspective and pragmatic of major international business schools presenting the student directly to the economy. The dynamics of classes pose challenges that stimulate the intellectual development.

Ibmec believes in excellence dedicated to providing practical set of additional activities that further the development of marketing skills and a spirit of collaboration and integration. In Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation Centre - CIS, students can work from the first semester at business consulting firm Ibmec Jr., in the Capital Market Studies Center - CEMEC in Economic Scenario Analysis Group and Research Center in Finance . Or you can take advantage of the international coverage through agreements in over 54 institutions worldwide. Ibmec also offers preparation for the CFA - Chartered Financial Analist and access to the Bloomberg database.

Job market

MARKET analysis and decision making in monetary and financial environments such as banks, financial, stock market, capital and derivatives.

EXECUTIVE BUSINESS Analysis of market dynamics, management and control of investments, analysis of macroeconomic scenarios, preparation and control of cash flow and efficient use of corporate resources.

CONSULTANCY Anticipation and analysis of public policies on business decisions, analysis of environmental impacts in economic projects, market analysis, macroeconomic scenarios and their effects on the business world. The work can be developed either by consulting companies and independent experts.

GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS Analysis and regulation of markets and operations in institutions such as the Central Bank and ministries.

ACADEMIC RESEARCH analysis, development and application of scientific methods for use in colleges, universities and private and governmental research institutions.

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  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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