Dual Bachelor in Theatre and Business Administration (B.S.B.A.)


Program Description


Why Study Theatre?

Whether you're ready to take the stage or build it, you'll find your place in theatre at Aquinas. With a leading-edge facility and the addition of a new theatre department director, our program is setting a new standard of excellence.

In 2003, the $7-million Aquinas College Performing Arts Center (in collaboration with Aquinas College, Community Circle Theatre and Grand Rapids Catholic Secondary Schools) had its Grand Opening Season. It's a cooperative effect that brings extraordinary theatre to our community and our students.

How We're Different

  1. Aquinas is the only four-year private school in the Grand Rapids area that offers a theatre major.
  2. The program is part of a unique collaboration with Circle Theatre and the League of Catholic High Schools, the only one of its kind in the nation, allowing for a variety of performance, teaching, and technical training opportunities.
  3. The department produces four to five fully-mounted shows a year, with a focus on contemporary plays, musicals, and adaptations.
  4. The department offers three different 21-credit concentrations (performance, technical, and general) in addition to a 27-credit core.
  5. Aquinas offers up to four talent scholarships for incoming freshmen and transfers, based on audition (for performers) or portfolio (for designers, stage managers, and directors).
  6. Students have had internships at all of the major theatres in the Grand Rapids as well as at The Purple Rose in Chelsea and in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.
  7. Students leave with more acting and design credits than majors from other colleges because they have access to unparalleled opportunities for building their resumes from arrival on campus, rather than waiting years to see stage time or shadow designers.
  8. In recent years, a wide roster of visiting playwrights and designers from around the nation have spent time on campus, giving students exposure to the development and production of new work and creating networking connections.
  9. The department has toured children’s productions to local underserved schools with shows like Rising Sun Rising Moon, Brave Little, Tailor, The Troll and the Elephant Prince, and the Operation: Play! program, which dramatizes stories written by local elementary school children
  10. Students are individually coached in their futures after graduation, learning how to market their skills not only in professional theatre, but as rare and marketable skills required for alternative career paths.

Major Requirements

Designed for the Business students who are interested in Theatre Management. Fifty-seven (57) credit hours. Required courses:

  • Accounting: Eight (8) credit hours
    • AG210
    • AG211
  • Business: Fifteen (15) credit hours:
    • BS106
    • BS201
    • BS202
    • BS305
    • BS460
    • Choose one: BS442, BS457, or BS492
  • Computer Information Systems: One (1) credit hour
    • CS152
  • Mathematics: Three (3) credit hours
    • Choose one: MS151, MS252, or MS494
  • Economics: Six (6) credit hours:
    • ES211
    • ES212
  • Theatre
    • History and Literature: TE361 and TE362
    • Performance: TE141
    • Theatre Design: TE130
    • Stage Directing: TE244
    • Theatre Technology: TE251
    • Business Administration/Theatre Internship: TE397

At least twenty-eight (28) semester hours within the dual degree must be taken at Aquinas College.


  • AG210 Principles of Accounting I (4)
  • AG211 Principles of Accounting II (4)
  • EH/BS106 Business Communication (3)
  • BS202 Principles of Marketing (3)
  • BS305 Financial Management (3)
  • BS460 Ethical Application in Business (3) BE
  • BS442 Cases in Marketing Management (3)
  • BS457 Cases in Public Relations (3)
  • BS492 Cases in Business Policy (3) SC
  • CS152 Spreadsheets (1) T
  • MS151 Elementary Statistics (3) QR
  • MS252 Statistics (3)
  • MS494 Mathematical Statistics (3) SC (Senior Capstone with MS493)
  • ES211 Microeconomic Principles (3) BE
  • ES212 Macroeconomic Principles (3) BE
  • TE361 Theatre History I (3)
  • TE362 Theatre History II (3)
  • TE141 Acting I (3)
  • TE130 Introduction to Theatre Design (3)
  • TE244 Stage Directing I (3)
  • TE251 Stagecraft (3)
  • TE397 Theatre Internship (variable)

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