Double Degree in Forestry and Natural Environment Engineering and Science


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Program Description


We train Forest Engineers who also have a high specialization in environmental protection techniques.

If you are interested in learning to

  • Manage advanced technologies compatible with environmental protection (water treatment, soil conservation, biomass production for renewable energy, etc.).
  • Perform professional work that by law is the exclusive competence of Forest Engineers, such as projecting and directing works and services of a forest nature and nature.
  • Carry out environmental studies and environmental audits.
  • Manage protected areas and natural resources (forestry, hunting, fish, hiking trails, etc.).
  • Develop plans for defense against forest fires, post-fire restoration, control of pests and diseases.
  • Design and execute environmental education and communication programs

What we offer you

  • This title enables the exercise of the regulated profession of Forest Technical Engineer (Order CIN / 324/2009).
  • Highly qualified teachers • Mount of practices next to the School.
  • Modern and well equipped laboratories for teaching in all disciplines.
  • Numerous agreements for practices in companies and public administrations (Junta de Castilla y León, City Halls).
  • National and international mobility programs (Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, United States, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, etc.).

Professional outings

  • Project drafting and management of forest works and services (forest certification, renewable energy, environmental impact assessment, reforestation, land management, etc.).
  • Access to the Forestry Technical Engineer bodies of the public administration (previous opposition).
  • Teaching (designing and executing environmental education and communication programs)
  • Evaluate and correct the environmental impact, as well as apply the techniques of audit and environmental management.
  • Inventory, evaluation and management of forest resources and multiple use of the forest (hiking, peri-urban parks, recreational areas, gardening and nurseries, etc.).
  • Preparation of technical reports, recognition reports, assessments, surveys and forest appraisals.
  • Projects related to flora and fauna (hunting, fish farming, micro-reserves of flora, protected species, etc.) and natural space management.
  • Plans for defense against forest fires, firefighting, forest fuel management, controlled burning, post-fire restoration, pest and disease control • Application of new technologies to forest and environmental management (Geographic Information Systems, drones, remote sensing , etc)


Enjoy the facilities of the two University campuses in León and Ponferrada: The degree must be studied in the two campuses, the one in León, where the specific part of the Degree in Environmental Sciences is studied, and the one in Ponferrada, where the specific part of the Degree in Forest and Natural Environment Engineering is being studied.

There are two possible itineraries (starting in Ponferrada and ending in León or vice versa):

  1. Take 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Higher and Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and 4th and 5th at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
  2. Take 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and 4th and 5th at the Higher and Technical School of Agricultural Engineering
Last updated July 2019

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