Direction of the management and production engineering


Program Description

Direction of Management and Production Engineering

In the current job market there was a need for staff with new standards of engineering skills. Our institute, in response to the demand of the labor market, education professionals from the management and production engineering. Knowledge of the management is no longer enough. Companies need people who have the education combining problem solving with knowledge of the entire production cycle of the product or services. Employers are looking for staff knows the specifics of a particular industry, literate analyze information resources, to resolve the issues in the field of production technology. Our graduates are people with the ability to solve problems of management and production engineering with the help of computer systems.

We educate future employees, who are able to combine modern knowledge and engineering skills with managerial skills. Our direction belongs to the group of studies particularly desirable in the labor market. Degree in engineering management and engineering production gives the ability to quickly take up a job after graduation, because employers need professionals in this field.

Specialties run during the study:

  • Management of automated production systems
  • industrial logistics
  • Organization of transport, traffic engineering

Available in alternating training (free college dual versions afternoon and Saturday). Possible recognition of prior achievement as learning outcomes (reckoning professional experience and education gained outside the university on account of studies).

Students and graduates of all majors have the opportunity to obtain a teaching qualification, entitling the teaching in schools of all types, in accordance with applicable law.

Profile of graduate

A graduate of the Management and Production Engineering is prepared to:

  • management of production processes in selected engineering production;
  • organization and management personnel;
  • coordinate the work teams;
  • participate in the completion and implementation of research and development relating to technological and organizational innovations;
  • participate in the work on the technical and organizational consulting in the selected field of manufacturing engineering.

A graduate of the Production Engineering and Management has the ability to:

  • associate technical problems with economic;
  • proper preparation and organization of the production process with the assessment of economic performance;
  • the use of IT technology;
  • construction and operation of complex decision support systems in enterprises.
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