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The Degree in Tourism is based on a set of objectives of a social, economic, environmental and cultural nature, which have as their basis the promotion of human development and the quality of psychosocial life of individuals, through the valuation of the contexts where they interact.

It intends to develop a Degree with the following objectives:

  • Train technicians oriented to the segment "Tourism in Urban Areas";
  • To develop in the trainees the interacting capacities of the various tourist attractions, especially visible in the periphery of the large population groups;
  • To contribute actively to the promotion of a set of professional, personal and social skills that allow to develop mastery in the following areas:
  • Define management techniques and decision support planning;
  • To know the concepts and theories that are used to understand tourism, as well as the concrete operations carried out within this activity;
  • Understand, critically, the state of knowledge in its own sectors of action;
  • Mastering the functional codes and processes of dynamic interaction of all the agents integrated in the tourist dynamic (tourist, host community, public and private economic agents);
  • Know the organizational structures of tourism (local, regional, national and international) and apply the directives emanated therefrom;
  • Integrate into the different types of tourist institutions and enterprises and their respective modes of organization / management and specific domains of action;
  • Understand the need to cultivate the multidisciplinarity and the interdisciplinarity inherent to the tourist activity;
  • Ability to operationalize tourism development projects;
  • Acquire the capacity for research and habilitation to solve problems, including methods of acquiring, interpreting and analyzing information appropriate to their academic and professional context;
  • Inventory appropriate resources for the tourism system in which they will intervene;
  • To optimize the tourist communication instruments (oral and written) as a fundamental tool for the exercise of the activity;
  • Use operational tools for research and information management and tourism animation;
  • Master the different types of tourist operations;
  • Understand the contribution of the various disciplines that help explain the nature and development of tourism;
  • Have a critical awareness of moral, ethical, environmental and legal guidelines that frame best practices;
  • Understanding the intercultural dimension of tourism

Professional outputs

  • Technical responsible for survey, planning and tourism promotion in public and private companies;
  • Technical responsible for the study and evaluation of tourism markets;
  • Teaching;
  • Public relations;
  • Event manager;
  • Technical responsible for the organization and monitoring of tourist itineraries;
  • Cultural Animation Technician;
  • Consultant;
  • Training Manager.

Entrance Exam for the 2019/2020 school year

Geography or History or Portuguese

Program taught in:
Portuguese (Portugal)

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Last updated April 11, 2019
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Oct 2019
3 - 3 years
3,120 EUR
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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

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