Degree in law


Program Description

Official Degree from the Complutense University of Madrid. Personalized instruction aimed at preparing the legal professional that our society demands.

Routes and Access requirements

  • Application at the center (from April 15).
  • Selectivity or FP II approved.
  • Delivery of an Admission Flyer by the Center.
  • Pre-registration at the UCM.
  • Number of places offered: 20

Pre-registration deadlines

  • The Application deadline at the Center begins on April 15.
  • In the month of September if there are free places, the Center will open a new application deadline.
  • For the preregistration in the UCM, the terms indicated by the UCM itself will be followed.

Period and requirements to formalize enrollment: once the student is admitted, they will register during the first days of October at the Center's Secretariat.

Recommended profile for the new student

The Degree in Law can be accessed from any type of Baccalaureate and any of the routes of the entrance exam to the University, without the need for special access tests.

The most suitable profile is that of the student with a great desire to learn and strive to achieve it; with communicative skills (oral and written); reflective and critical; especially interested in the social and legal sciences (so it is optimal that he has completed the Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences).

The capacities that must have an admitted one in the Degree in Right must be so much general, like citizen, like specific, of technical character. The abilities of the bachelor are included in article 5 of Decree 67/2008, of June 19, of the Governing Council, by which the Baccalaureate curriculum (BOCM no.152) is established for the Community of Madrid. Among those capabilities, the following stand out: being a democratic student, with a responsible civic conscience, inspired by the values of the Constitution; have a personal and social maturity that allows him to act in a responsible and autonomous way and develop his critical spirit; assume effective equality of rights and opportunities between men and women and promote real equality and non-discrimination of people with disabilities; possess the habits of reading, study and discipline; master the Spanish language and express himself fluently in one or more foreign languages; to know and critically evaluate the realities of the contemporary world and its historical antecedents; have basic scientific and technological knowledge and master the basic skills of the social sciences; possess an entrepreneurial spirit with attitudes of creativity, flexibility, initiative, teamwork, self-confidence and critical sense.

Pre-university orientation

  • University orientation seminars in schools and institutes.
  • Attendance at conferences organized by educational centers or national and local.
  • Specialized lectures by subjects, given in the educational centers.
  • University orientation talks in our own Center.
  • Online information, through the website of the University Center.
  • Participation in educational fairs.

Orientation to students enrolled

  • Information on the website of the Royal University Center "Escorial-María Cristina".
  • Presentation Day for First Students: Office of Labor Orientation and Institutional Relations, at the beginning of each Course, gathers new students to offer their collaboration and to let them know the different possibilities and advantages that the Center offers them.

Academic Tutorials:

  • Teacher tutoring: they aim to resolve doubts about their subjects. All the teachers of the University Center have several hours per week of personalized attention to their students.
  • Tutors, one per course, are responsible for:
    • Attend to students and their families to evaluate their possible problems.
    • Organize your needs.
    • Guide them in the activities that are carried out.
    • Guide them about modules, subjects and subjects.
Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

The RCU Escorial-Mª Cristina was founded by the Regent Queen María Cristina de Hasburgo y Lorena, in 1892, run by the Augustinian religious order since its foundation. It is an Upper Educational Cente ... Read More

The RCU Escorial-Mª Cristina was founded by the Regent Queen María Cristina de Hasburgo y Lorena, in 1892, run by the Augustinian religious order since its foundation. It is an Upper Educational Center associated with the Complutense University of Madrid. Read less