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Program Description

At the School of Architecture of the Universidad Europea we train architects prepared to respond to the demands of society and the labor market through the transverse incorporation into the curriculum of principles and knowledge related to sustainability and the environment, accessibility , internationality, communication skills (in Spanish and English), business management or the efficient use of new technologies

The Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture Master's Degree is a valid European qualification for practicing the profession of Architect throughout the European Union, providing you with a complete multidisciplinary training in all fields covered by architecture: project design, urban planning, sustainability, management, training technical, graphic training, communication skills, critical history and professional practice.

This training is applied following the European model workshop-practical learning- in which students develop projects that are supervised by professors of different profiles in an integrated way, solving case-studies not local but global.

A key point is the Internationality since the student can choose to study all the courses in 100% in English, all in Spanish, or choose some subjects in Spanish and others in English, both in Degree and Master.

In addition, the School of Architecture has reinforced its portfolio offering the possibility of studying together with the Degree in Fundamentals of the Architecture Master's Degree in Architecture, the Double Degree with NSAD (San Diego, United States) 100% in English.

Why the EU?

  • Innovative learning model
  • Technology in the classroom. We are prepared.
  • Internationality
  • Active teachers with solid professional trajectory.

If you come from outside the Community of Madrid and want to do a face-to-face program, you can find a suitable accommodation for your needs: closeness to the campus, security, comfort, academic environment, good service, quality furniture, etc. Thanks to the two residences for students that Universidad Europa has, both on the campus itself and with capacity for more than 550 people, with all the domestic, academic and security needs that as a student you need.

These residences are intended for students as well as for those professors or staff that require it at some point: scientific, artistic or cultural exchange, or even for any other person whose stay is directly or indirectly linked to the University.

Quality guarantee

The Universidad Europea has a wide range of recognitions that guarantee its academic quality. Specifically, it has some of the following prestigious awards, such as: the Seal of European Excellence 500, Quali-cert or Madrid Excelente.
In the international accreditation rating QS Stars, the Universidad Europea has obtained a total of four stars out of five in the international quality accreditation rating of the 'QS Stars'. This external accreditation system determines the level of excellence achieved by universities in several areas. The Universidad Europea has achieved the maximum score of five stars in Employability, Teaching, Facilities and Social Responsibility of the rating.

As a student at the Universidad Europea de Madrid you will have contact from the first day with the best professionals. At any time, with the endorsement of the corresponding organ of the University, these professors will be able to count on you in their projects, thus enjoying your first work experiences in a qualified environment.

The Universidad Europea of Madrid makes an important effort so that the most prestigious architects give workshops and seminars in which direct contact with the student predominates. In this way you will know firsthand the working methodologies of professionals such as Christian Kerez, Antón García-Abril, Alejandro Zaera, Fernando Menis, Toyo Ito, William Curtis, Peter Cook, Jacob van Rijs or Thom Mayne.

Professional outings


The quality of the training you will receive at the School of Architecture of the Universidad Europea of Madrid, which ranges from the generalist profile of the Architect to the most advanced technical specialization, will provide you with high employability both in Spain and abroad. You will be the best qualified professional to lead multidisciplinary teams within the building sector.
In most of the cases, the insertion in the labor market begins in the last years of the career, with collaborations in architecture studios or companies in the sector.

  • Among the many job opportunities to which you can choose include the following:
  • The practice of the profession of Architect in the national and international scope.
  • Entrepreneur of innovative and creative projects in architectural companies, or in business projects of disciplines related or not to architecture.
  • Manager of companies related to construction, urban planning, design or cultural management.
  • Real estate consultant specializing in management, programming, acquisition and sale of land and buildings.
  • In the public sector, through oppositions, at the municipal, autonomous, state and / or European level.
  • Critic of art and architecture, editor in specialized magazines, as well as any other work related to the promotion of artistic activities related to architecture and design

All students take professional internships in the most prestigious architecture studios, so they come in contact from the first day with the best professionals.
Every trimester we organize meetings in the form of project workshops or seminars between our students and the current architects / intellectuals that we consider most interesting for their formation, such as Ma Yansong, Sou Fujimoto, Gerard Mortier, Fernando Romero, Christian Kerez, Anton Garcia-Abril , Toyo Ito, Marcos Cruz, Stefano Boeri, Iñaki Abalos, Beatriz Colomina or François Roche.


The admission process to study some of the Degrees of the Universidad Europea is carried out following some simple steps that consist basically of providing us with a specific documentation, to make an access test and to finish with the formalization of the registration.


At the Universidad Europea we have a complete system of financial aid at your disposal to facilitate the payment of your education. Some examples are:

  • Payment flexibility
  • Deferred monthly payment
  • Aid for prompt payment
  • Aid for continuing studies
  • Aid for simultaneity of studies
  • Aid for having a relative in the Universidad Europea
  • TOP PROGRAM: 50 grants of 50% discount in teaching aimed at new students in degree programs (first year) that have demonstrated a high academic performance in the stages prior to university education.


From the Universidad Europea we have signed several agreements with banks to help you finance your studies.

Download the informative PDF with the study aid plan and university scholarships.


We have created scholarships, grants, bonuses and financial support to help you achieve the best of yourself through the best education.

In the year 2013-14, more than 800 scholarships worth more than 3.5 million euros were awarded to the students of the Universidad Europea .

Universidad Europea Scholarships

Scholarships excellence Pedro Alonso: scholarships aimed at students of the Degree in Medicine

Universidad Europea Scholarships: Aid that takes into account the socioeconomic level and academic performance of the student.

Juan Abelló Scholarships: directed to postgraduate students of the Business Area

Official Scholarships
  • Scholarships from the Ministry of Education: www.educació
  • Scholarships of the community of Madrid:
  • Scholarships for new students of Higher Vocational Training in private centers:
  • Erasmus scholarships
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To provide our students with a comprehensive education, educating leaders and professionals who are prepared to respond to the needs of a global world, to contribute value in their professions and to ... Read More

To provide our students with a comprehensive education, educating leaders and professionals who are prepared to respond to the needs of a global world, to contribute value in their professions and to social progress through an entrepreneurial spirit and social commitment. Read less
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