Degree in Technical Architecture


Program Description

  • Official title: Graduate in Technical Architecture
  • Branch of knowledge: Engineering and Architecture
  • Center: Higher Polytechnic School of Zamora
  • Type of teaching: On-site
  • Spanish Language
  • Regulated profession: Technical Architect
  • Duration: 4 academic courses
  • ECTS credits: 240
  • Places of new entry 2019-20: 125


The Degree in Technical Architecture is implanted in the Higher Polytechnic School of Zamora in the 2009-2010 academic year, once the verification process has been passed (of ANECA and the Council of Universities), it replaces the Technical Architect Degree, and trains for the exercise of the regulated profession of Technical Architect (Order ECI / 3855/2007, of December 27, by which establish the requirements of verification of the official university titles for the exercise of the profession of Technical Architect (BOE 12/29/2007) .). In 2017 he has renewed his accreditation.

With a long university tradition, it is one of the most demanded titles in the labor market in recent years, it is only offered in two Public Universities in Castilla y León (Burgos and Salamanca) and emerges with the general objective of providing adequate profile training European and generalist character on the theoretical-technical bases and technologies of the building sector, framed in a capacity for continuous improvement and knowledge transfer.115644_zamora_arquitectura_tecnica.jpg

Note: the denomination of Graduate in Technical Architecture by the USAL replaces the previous name of Graduate in Building Engineering by the USAL . See the Resolution of July 24, 2013, of the Universidad de Salamanca , by which the curriculum of Graduated in Technical Architecture is published (BOE 08/07/2013).



According to ORDER ECI / 3855/2007, of December 27, which establishes the requirements for the verification of the official university degrees that qualify for the exercise of the profession of Technical Architect, the general objectives are:

  • Direct the material execution of the building works, of its facilities and elements, carrying out the qualitative and quantitative control of the construction by means of the establishment and management of the control plans of materials, systems and work execution, elaborating the corresponding records for its incorporation to the Building Book. To take the economic control of the work, elaborating the certifications and the liquidation of the executed work.
  • Drafting occupational health and safety studies and plans and coordinating the activity of companies in matters of occupational safety and health in construction works, both in the design and execution phases.
  • Carry out technical activities of calculation, measurements, valuations, appraisals and economic feasibility studies; Perform examinations, inspections, pathology analysis and other analogous and write reports, opinions and corresponding technical documents; Carry out surveys of plans in lots and buildings.
  • Prepare technical projects and carry out the management of building works within the scope of their legal authorization.
  • Manage new building technologies and participate in building quality management processes; perform energy efficiency analysis, evaluations and certifications as well as sustainability studies in buildings.
  • Direct and manage the use, conservation and maintenance of the buildings, writing the necessary technical documents. Prepare studies of the life cycle of materials, construction systems and buildings. Manage the treatment of demolition and construction waste.
  • Advise technically in the manufacturing processes of materials and elements used in the construction of buildings.
  • Manage the real estate process as a whole. Support the technical representation of construction companies in building works.

The specific competences are found in Order ECI / 3855/2007, of December 27 (BOE 12/29/2007), which establishes the requirements for the verification of the official university degrees that qualify for the exercise of the profession of Technical Architect.

Admission profile

It is recommended that students who access the Degree in Technical Architecture have the following characteristics:

  • A solid base of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Drawing.
  • Taste and aesthetics, artistic sense.
  • Ability to work in teams.
  • Spatial understanding
  • Capacity for drawing and for calculation.
  • Capacity for abstraction and concretion.
  • Mechanical understanding
  • Creativity and decision at work.
  • Interest in the technique.

Recommended subjects

  • DC. of the Earth and environment
  • Technical Drawing II
  • Physical
  • Mathematics II

Access, Pre-registration, Admission and Registration

No conditions or special entrance tests are foreseen to enroll in this Degree. The basic state regulations are followed.

Also in the Concierge and in the Secretariat of the EPSZ there is written information about the enrollment procedures, and during the enrollment period the students have tutors (under the figure of scholarship recipients of collaboration with the services of the University), linked to each of the degrees, which provide new students with individualized information for the personal completion of registration forms.

Students with partial official university studies who wish to be admitted to this degree should consult the requirements in the section "Transfer of file" of the Academic Guide of the degree in this same web.

Academic and Professional Exits

Academic Outputs

Once you finish the Degree in Technical Architecture, we suggest you study one of the following University Master's degrees at the USAL , if you opt for a greater specialization:

  • Advanced Studies in History of Art
  • Evaluation and Management of Cultural Heritage
  • Cartographic Geotechnologies in Engineering and Architecture
  • Advanced Analysis of Multivariate Data and Big Data
  • Nuclear physics
  • Physics and Technology of Lasers
  • Intelligent Systems
  • ESO and Baccalaureate Teacher, Vocational Training and Language Teaching

Professional outings

The Degree in Technical Architecture that is taught at the Higher Polytechnic School of Zamora trains professionals who develop a wide range of activities within the framework of the construction, from the direction of the execution of the work, as a most outstanding activity, to participation in all the specialized functions that companies claim, such as: occupational health and safety in the works, the head of construction and real estate works, experimental control in laboratories, the maintenance of buildings, the design of certain buildings uses, etc. But their professional powers do not end here, more and more construction companies, promoters and real estate, these professionals demand for their preparation in the tasks of management, management, economics and planning.

The USAL facilitates your professional insertion. Links of interest:

  • Professional orientation.
  • Training for employment.
  • Employment exchange.
  • Advice on business creation.
  • Practices for students.
  • Practices for graduates.
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