The career in Public Image seeks to contribute to the formation of highly trained professionals that are developed in a comprehensive and competitive manner in the field of Consulting, Strategic Design, Development and implementation of Public Image projects at a personal, institutional and corporate level with knowledge deep public relations management, corporate image, social and political as well as media strategies.


Contribute to the training of highly qualified professionals who develop in a comprehensive and competitive manner in the field of strategic design and implementation of Public Image projects for individuals, institutions and companies with in-depth knowledge of public relations management, imaging and media Communication.115856_pexels-photo-269448.jpegPixabay / Pexels


First year

1st Cycle
  • Imagology
  • Mass media
  • Communication process
    • Public image
    • Journalistic genres
    • Workshop apa 6 and methodology of the elaboration of works
    • Writing and spelling
    3rd Cycle

4th Cycle

  • Self-image
  • Preparation of discourse and public presentations I
  • Final analysis I
  • Oral expression
  • Final analysis II
  • Personal image
  • Laboratory television i - video edition

Second year

5th Cycle
  • How to speak in public
  • Professional image
  • Non-verbal image
    • Leadership
    • Laboratory of television ii - TV production
    • Locution
    • Semiology and acting
    7th Cycle 8th Cycle
    • Strategic planning
    • Market research
    • Negotiation and crisis management
    • Strategies in the management of media
    • Radio laboratory, booth, locution and creation of radio programs
    • Public relations
    • Corporate image

Third year

9th Cycle
  • Preparation of discourse and public presentations II
  • Graphic identity
  • Psychology of the image
    • History and use of fashion in society
    • Costume and personal image workshop, stage management and makeup
    • Methodology of social science research
    • color psychology
    11th Cycle 12th Cycle
    • Design and organization of events
    • History of guatemala
    • Strategic communication
    • Introduction to geopolitics
    • Descriptive statistics laboratory, database and graphs in excel
    • Personal image project
    • Sociology of the image

Fourth year

13th Cycle
  • Marketing of the image
  • Media monitoring
  • Message writing workshop
    • Dramatization of reality
    • Economy
    • Laboratory of basic graphic design, digital marketing and social networks
    • Social marketing
    15th Cycle 16th Cycle
    • Administration
    • Executive and executive skills
    • Technology management
    • Final analysis III
    • Technology seminar
    • Workshop of elaboration and realization of advertising campaigns
    • Thesis seminar


Registration requirements

  • Legible photocopy of both sides of the mid-level title, authenticated by a notary.
  • Legible photocopy of the DPI Personal Identification Document, according to the standard required by the University and authenticated by a notary.
  • Simple photocopy of mid-level grade certificates.

Graduation Requirements

  • Present Complete Stationery.
  • Pass the race with an average above 70 points.
  • English Language Management
  • Thesis and Private.

Admission profile

Students graduated at medium level, whose interest is to cross a university career in Public Image and Media Analysis.

Professional specialists in Political Consultancy, professionals in Advertising, Communication, Lecturers, Production Executives, Artists, Politicians, Public Relations, Image Consultants, Marketing, Professionals in Assembly of Events wishing to expand their knowledge about projection and preparation of Public Image projects and Analysis of Media.

Egress Profile

The professional graduate will obtain a training that integrates knowledge of Public Image, Journalism, Oral and Written Communication, Marketing, Advertising, Semiology, Voice-over, Strategy, Law, Politics and Psychology, which provide a necessary perspective for the implementation of strategic and consulting projects of personal, professional, corporate, political and social image, that allow the graduates to develop successfully in communication, public relations, audiovisual production among others.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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