Degree in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises


Program Description

  • Official title: Graduate in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Branch of knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences
  • Center: Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Type of teaching: On-site
  • Spanish Language
  • Duration: 4 academic courses
  • ECTS credits: 240
  • Places of new entry 2019-20: 275


The Degree in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises begins to be taught at the USAL in the academic year 2010-2011 (once the verification process has been passed (ANECA and the Council of Universities) and replaces the Diploma in Business Studies. has renewed its accreditation.

It aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to give a concrete and effective response to the management needs of the company, especially small and medium-sized companies, and position them in a highly competitive market.


The studies last 4 years (60 ECTS credits per year to complete 240) and are organized in semester subjects. The basic and compulsory subjects are planned in 1st and 2nd year and in the first semester of the 3rd year. The optional subjects in the second semester of the 3rd year and in the 4th year. Within the electives, students can complete external internships with an equivalency in credits of 18 ECTS. The Final Degree Project (12 ECTS) can be done and students who have passed the remaining 228 credits can be presented and for that reason they will be offered in the last course of the degree.

This Degree proposes 5 profiles of specialization through the offer of optional subjects. The student will be able to take optional subjects from the 5 profiles offered, obtaining the recognition of the specialization through the European Diploma Supplement in those cases in which he or she attends at least 30 credits in subjects offered by a profile. Given that the number of optional credits that the student has to pass to obtain this Degree is 78, a student, if he / she wishes, can design a study itinerary that allows him to obtain a recognized specialization in the European Diploma Supplement in two of the proposed profiles. The profiles are: 1) Commercial distribution; 2) Accounting and taxation; 3) Finance, banking and insurance; 4) Organization of the medium and small company; 5) International management of the company.

The USAL offers the possibility of studying:

  • Double Degree in Pharmacy and Management of Small and Medium Companies.
  • Double Degree in Tourism Management and Management of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Information for foreign students.

Admission profile

The degree does not require prior knowledge in the area of business management, since the first semesters are devoted mainly to offer a general education in these subjects. However, the recommended entry profile is that of high school students who have opted for the Humanities and Social Sciences modality and in the same have studied the subjects of Economics; Economy and Organization of Companies; Applied mathematics to social sciences; and, optionally, Fundamentals of Administration and Management. In addition, it is recommended to have the following personal characteristics:

  • Ability to perform analytical and deductive reasoning.
  • Flexibility, in the sense of wanting to face unstructured problems, for which there are no 'recipes' of immediate application.
  • Creativity and intellectual restlessness to evaluate the impact and consequences of decisions.

Recommended subjects

  • Economics (1st Baccalaureate)
  • Business Economics
  • Mathematics App. to the CCSS II
  • Mathematics II

Access, Pre-registration, Admission and Registration

In order to enroll in this Degree, special conditions or tests different from the general ones established by the basic state regulations are not provided.

Students with partial official university studies who wish to be admitted to this degree should consult the requirements in the section "Transfer of file" of the Academic Guide of the degree in this same web.

Academic and Professional Exits

Academic Outputs

Once you finish the Degree in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises, we suggest you study one of the following University Master's degrees at the USAL , if you opt for a greater specialization:

  • Research in Business Administration and Economics
  • Economic Analysis of Law and Public Policies
  • Democracy and Good Government
  • Studies in East Asia (Specialty 1: Korean Studies, Specialty 2: Japanese Studies, Specialty 3: General East Asia)
  • Anticorruption Strategies and Integrity Policies
  • Administrative management
  • Public Services and Social Policies
  • Advanced Analysis of Multivariate Data and Big Data
  • Advanced English Studies: Languages and Cultures in Contact
  • Advanced Studies in Philosophy
  • ESO and Baccalaureate Teacher, Vocational Training and Language Teaching

Professional outings

The graduates will be professionals prepared for the creation of the company itself (self-employment) and to address the daily management of a small or medium-sized company in its general or specialized face, depending on the different areas of business activity: Accounting and taxation; Finance, banking and insurance; Commercial distribution; Organization of SMEs; and International business management.

Therefore, graduates in Management of SMEs are prepared to assume a triple professional profile (academic, technical and social) and be employed in various areas of the labor market:

  • Small and Medium Company, in general
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance Companies
  • Consulting
  • Companies with a high level of internationalization
  • University Teaching or Research
  • Non-university teaching, previous completion of the University Master's Degree in Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching
  • Public administration

The USAL facilitates your professional insertion. Links of interest:

  • Professional orientation.
  • Training for employment.
  • Employment exchange.
  • Advice on business creation.
  • Practices for students.
  • Practices for graduates.
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