Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources


Program Description

Objectives and General Skills of the Title

The objectives of the title are:

  1. Acquire the necessary knowledge to understand the complexity and dynamic and interrelated nature of work, attending in an integrated way to their legal, organizational, psychological, sociological, historical and economic perspectives.
  2. Train for the application of theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in its various fields of action:
    • The Direction and Management of Human Resources
    • Legal and labor advice
    • Management, mediation and intervention in the labor market
    • Prevention of occupational hazards
    • The consulting and / or Socio-labor Audit
  3. Train to apply information and communication technologies in their different fields of action.
  4. Train for autonomous learning of new techniques and knowledge.
  5. Train for access, with reasonable guarantees of success, to postgraduate studies and specialization.

This training must guarantee the acquisition of a series of general competences necessary for the adequate development of the professional in the workplace, which are contemplated in the white paper "Degree in Labor Sciences and Human Resources".



First quarter

Second term

1. Statistics

2. Sociology and TIS

3. Introduction to the Economy

4. Business Administration

5. History of the RR.LL. from Spain

1. Elements of Private Law

2. Psychology of Work and Organizations

3. Introduction to Labor Relations

4. Company Law

5. Elements of Public Law


First quarter

Second term

1. Labor Law I

2. Social Security Law I

3. Work Organization

4. Trade Union Law

5. Sociology of Work and Organizations

1. Labor Law II

2. Social Security Law II

3. Personnel Management and Management

4. Labor Economics

5. Conflict Management


First quarter

Second term

1. Employment Law

2. Labor Procedural Law

3. Labor Relations Systems

4. Human Resources Management Techniques I

5. Occupational Health and Safety

1. Socio-labor Policies

2. Labor Administrative Law

3. HR management techniques II

4. Occupational Health and Safety Law

5. Psychosocial Risks: Evaluation and Treatment


First quarter

Second semester

1. Economy of Labor Markets

2. HR Audit

3. Optional

1. Practices

2. Final Degree Project

3. Optional


Business and Human Resources Itinerary

1. Accounting

2. Fiscal Regime of the Company

3. Non-Salaried Work

4. Preventive Techniques and Management of Labor Social Security

5. Communication, Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

6. Human Resources. Quality and Environment Management

7. Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning

Labor Market Itinerary

1. History of Labor Relations in Spain. Twentieth century

2. Local Employment Systems and sustainability

3. Socio-labor Insertion

4. Entrepreneurial Culture and Business Creation

5. Design, Management and Evaluation of Projects

6. Work and Gender

Professional outings

To the extent that this degree provides a multidisciplinary training in the field of work, there are several options presented for Graduates in Labor Relations and Human Resources in the development of their professional activity:

- In the field of private enterprise.

- As professionals of free exercise (collegiate).

- In the Public Administration sector (in terms of access to the Public Service, there is a wide range of oppositions to be able to choose in the framework of the public employment offer, which are directly linked to these studies, in the administration State, regional or local labor).

The main professional opportunities presented by this degree can be synthesized as follows:

Advice, management and socio-labor representation

  • Socio-labor management of the company
  • Experts in legal-labor advice, both of workers, companies or unions,
  • Representation of collective and professional interests of both workers and companies, including procedural representation in labor courts
  • Experts in collective bargaining, mediation and labor dispute resolution

Human Resources

  • Direction and Management of Human Resources
  • Needs Diagnostics
  • Occupational Risk Prevention or Socio-Labor Audit
  • Socio-labor consultancies
  • Prevention of occupational hazards

Advice and management on security and social protection

Intervention in the labor market

  • Management, Advice and Analysis of labor markets
  • Mediation and Intervention in the labor market: Employment Agents and Local Development and Dynamization.

Design, management and evaluation of socio-labor policies

  • Active and passive employment policies, local development, employment promotion and guidance from public administrations or intermediary companies in the labor market
  • Creation, advice and management of social economy companies

Teaching and research

  • Teaching in private entities such as academies or business schools, secondary education, high school or vocational training, specialization training, and related to the world of work (vocational training for employment and continuing education).
  • University teaching and research

Free exercise of the profession

  • Consultant or advisor on personnel management and human resources.
  • Professional performance as an expert in labor procedures issuing reports on matters such as personnel organization, business restructuring processes, etc.
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