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Program Description

At ESART we promote the best of you and help you to know your inner strength and expand your limits. Only then can you be who you want to be.

Double Degree:

  • Degree in Interpreting - BA (Hons) Acting by Bath Spa University -
  • Higher Diploma in Performing Arts - Pearson BTEC LEVEL 5 HND in Performing Arts -

This course in three years offers you the tools and the key knowledge to situate yourself in the first line of the performing arts industry.

Text interpretation studies are aimed at all those people interested in acquiring the knowledge and qualifications necessary to develop their professional activity as interpreters, actors or actresses, in any discipline of performing arts and drama (theater, cinema, television, etc.). As an ESART student you will benefit from innovative collaborations with other school grades, including Music, Dance and Management and Production.

ESART is an interpretation school that focuses on singularity and for training artists with professional skills. All our teachers are active professionals who combine their scenic activity with teaching, so that the student is always in touch with the reality of the sector. We integrate in the program production and preparation classes for access to the profession from all points of view, so that the self-management and realization of the projects themselves becomes a primary objective; along with the development of pieces, scenes and creations of relevant texts from all stages of the history of theater.

The curriculum of the degree in interpretation is divided into three courses. In the first theater course, the performing arts industry is studied, emphasizing the professional development of the actor / actress, acting classes, body and voice expression and creation of theatrical pieces. In addition, these studies are complemented with singing classes, contemporary dance and acting in front of the camera. In the second year, we continue to make progress on everything learned in the first year and add disciplines such as acting with mask, classical acting and physical theater. Third is the course dedicated to the student himself exploring and creating his future. In this sense the context is worked on the performing arts, the interpretive skills and a professional production theater project.

This degree is awarded by Bath Spa University (United Kingdom).

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First Course / Level 4

  • The Performing Arts Industry
  • Professional Development
  • Acting 1
  • Movement for Actors
  • Devising Theater and Performance
  • Singing 1
  • Contemporary Dance 1
  • Voice and Speech for Actors
  • Investigation of Specialism
  • Acting for Camera
  • Auditioning

Second Course / Level 5

  • Working in the Performing Arts Industry
  • Acting 2
  • Mask Acting
  • Performance Project
  • Voice and Skills for Actors 2
  • Creative Research
  • Contemporary Dance 2
  • Singing 2
  • Classical Acting
  • Physical Theater

Third course

  • Context in performing arts / Context 3

This module explores research and practice. The element of the research is an extended thesis or essay, in terms of practice, students create a scenic piece of their own for presentation to the public. Students have the option of interconnecting these two elements if they wish.

It also creates a space to enhance the personal professional profile, simulating an own production company for the creation and dissemination of projects.

  • Interpretative Skills / Skills 3

Skills are a key element of an independent career and require constant maintenance and development. It refers to skills not only as essential tools for hearing processes, but also to develop a broader portfolio of career opportunities.

The chosen areas are: interpretation techniques, movement / choreography, voice (spoken or sung) and dramaturgy. They are oriented to provide support to the directed productions in the Production Projects module. They also support the performance of the action in the Context 3 module, within the personal Scenic Project.

  • Production projects / Productions projects 3

Promotes the participation of students in a series of professional production processes. They form a professional theater company in ESART. The company presents three theatrical productions that will premiere in front of an audience, one each quarter.

ECTS credits: 180

Professional outings

The text interpretation studies are aimed at all those people who are interested in acquiring the knowledge and qualifications necessary to develop their professional activity as an actor or actress within a wide range of outputs including:

  • Actor of text, cinema and audiovisual theater
  • Dubbing for cinema, advertising and radio
  • Stage director
  • Playwright
  • Creator with own company
  • Theatrical pedagogue (childhood, adolescence and adulthood)
  • Coach to speak in public applied to non-theatrical areas (communicators, managers, team coordinators)
  • Radio announcer
  • Team leadership applied to management and management areas
  • Artistic work applied to social groups and / or at risk of exclusion (childhood, adolescence and / or adulthood)
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