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Program Description

Why Free?

Freedom is what moves us to do what we do.

Being free allows us to have ideas, create, make decisions. With freedom we can learn, question everything that surrounds us. Being free makes us think big, pursue our interests, start a new path, expand, evolve. Being free inspires us to lead, to influence.


It is a new career of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the UFM focused on entrepreneurship and business. It offers the traditional strengths of the Faculty, of a rigorous formation in administration, finance and economy, with a special accent from the beginning, in the art, science and practice of entrepreneurship.

Your Interests

Our circular curriculum is a process that combines demanding academic preparation, mastery of tools, experiences and the creation of a network of contacts, personal growth and exploration and development of the student's own interests.

The Entrepreneur

Know yourself, your strengths and abilities for your path as an entrepreneur. Develop key skills such as the ability to listen, present, observe, lead and strengthen teams.

The Business World

Understand the global and local environment, strengthening your business criteria to make decisions.

You will learn about startups, companies and entrepreneurs of local and international level, as well as the economic, financial and social environment of different countries.

Design and Innovation

You will learn how to build scalable business models, design new products and services. In addition you will create innovations in already established businesses to make them grow.

The Business

You will create new business ideas, learn to detect new opportunities to develop business models, validate them with your clients and create strategies to launch your ventures.

Your Interests

A process made to your needs

You will be able to delve into the fields or industries that interest you and you will learn to identify opportunities to develop a successful business model.

Projects, Challenges and Experiences

From the beginning, you will have the opportunity to participate locally and internationally in competitions, visits to companies, participation in fairs, study tours, practices and support programs with entrepreneurs.

Global Mindset

The learning experience is characterized by the passion and rigor with which we approach the study, with a GLOBAL perspective, but always thinking about the local.

The Ecosystem

The ecosystem within which this career develops is made up of the strengths of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the UFM, a series of tools, mentors and a network of academic and business contacts.

Your Step Through Our Learning Process

Our programs promote and stimulate creative and disciplined disorder, as a method to push the limits of science, technology and business.

Entrepreneurial Attitude

We try that knowledge of the free economy and business will help you to understand, decide and act, always making the difference from the role you choose to play.

A Learning Adventure

The learning experience at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the UFM is characterized by its academic rigor and by the passion we all have to learn. We constantly research the best contents and the most innovative methods, in order to raise the quality of student learning, in an environment that promotes questioning, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Pénsum Entrepreneurship 2019

1st Semester

  • Economy I
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Understanding the Individual
  • Basic right for Entrepreneurs
  • Critical thinking
  • Mathematical Analysis I
  • Global Management
  • Mathematics 101
  • Global Management Workshop

2nd Semester

  • Economy II
  • Accounting based decision making
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Legal Strategy
  • Understanding Yourself
  • Failure
  • Drafting
  • Mathematical Analysis II
  • Global Management
  • Global Management Workshop

3rd Semester

  • Microeconomics
  • Cost Analysis
  • History, Geography and Trade
  • Design
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Data Analysis (Excel)
  • Mathematical Analysis III

4th Semester

  • Monetary Theories or
  • Economy e
  • Uncertainty
  • Cash Management
  • Ethical Theories
  • Business Modeling
  • Statistics I
  • Financial Administration I
  • Testing
  • Matrices

5th Semester

  • Go to market
  • Sources of Financing
  • Sales Strategy
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Financial Administration II
  • Decision models I
  • Philosophy of Mises
  • Austrian Economy
  • Seminar on Economics I
  • Administration Seminar

6th Semester

  • Operations Management
  • Project Valuation and Investments
  • Branding
  • Pricing
  • Financial Administration III
  • Public Choice / Law
  • of Economy: National Reality *
  • Philosophy of Hayek
  • Economy Seminar II
  • Administration Seminar II

7th Semester

  • People and Teams
  • Risk Management
  • Customers
  • Storytelling
  • Supply Chain, Demand Planning
  • Leadership
  • Growth Strategies
  • Economy Seminar III
  • Administration Seminar III

8th Semester

  • Project Management
  • Innovation Strategies
  • Taxes
  • Technology
  • Professional ethics
  • Strategy
  • Public Choice / Law
  • Conferences
  • Your Interests
  • Personal Coaching
  • Strategic Coaching

This curriculum is subject to changes.
* They must choose to take 2 of 3.

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Admission process

Online application

Enter and fill in the application online. When you complete your application, you can make your payment at the UFM Industrial Bank agency, or online. Registration for the aptitude exams is closed one week before each date.

Academic aptitude test

It is a multiple-choice test and consists of two sections: verbal aptitude test and mathematical aptitude test. Verbal aptitude questions measure the candidate's ability to understand what they read, and the richness of their vocabulary. Mathematical aptitude questions measure your ability to solve problems related to arithmetic, algebraic and geometric reasoning. The PAA has a maximum score of 1600 points and the Faculty of Economics considers a good grade higher than 1200 points.

Mathematical diagnostic test

This test measures the student's knowledge in algebra. It will be enough to review the concepts learned in Basic Tercero or Fourth Baccalaureate to obtain a good score.

Personal interview

The objective of the interview is to know the applicant, for which a series of simple questions are asked. The interview has a maximum duration of 30 minutes and the student is expected to express himself freely to know his personality. Remember that you must present your letter of recommendation and your notes of the last two years. After completing the different tests, you can register for the Race of your interest.

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Nuestra misión es la enseñanza y difusión de los principios éticos, jurídicos y económicos de una sociedad de personas libres y responsables.

Nuestra misión es la enseñanza y difusión de los principios éticos, jurídicos y económicos de una sociedad de personas libres y responsables. Read less
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