Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations


Program Description

The Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations arises from the need to train experts in international and interinstitutional management, knowledgeable about Law and international practice, with an academic and practical training that allows the creation and exploitation of development opportunities in the areas of cooperation, diplomacy, politics, commerce, industry and culture for the benefit of Guatemala and Guatemalans.


Prepare professionals with the necessary skills to participate successfully in any activity that involves business, institutional, State and international organizations and their derivations in the area of Protocol and international service management.

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First year

1st Cycle
  • Leadership
  • Introduction to the protocol and international diplomatic ceremonial
  • Effective communication and high performance
    • International diplomatic protocol and ceremonial
    • Spelling and grammar tools
    • Workshop apa 6 and methodology of the elaboration of works
    • Methodology of applied research
    3rd Cycle

4th Cycle

  • Public image
  • Label and host
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Workshop on negotiation, conflict resolution and crisis management
  • Use and understanding of communication media
  • Speech and public presentations
  • Writing workshop

Second year

5th Cycle
  • Informatics seminar
  • Logistics of special events
  • Literature Workshop
    • Workshop for the formulation, evaluation, management and cooperation of projects
    • Fundamentals of political communication
    • Final analysis
    • Formulation and evaluation of projects
    7th Cycle 8th Cycle
    • Fundamentals of economics
    • History of science and technology
    • Grupomatica
    • Introduction to the right
    • Lobby and public relations workshop
    • Ethics
    • Public Relations, Lobbing and Coordination of the Press Office

Third year

9th Cycle
  • Fundamentals of e-commerce
  • History of Philosophy
  • Theory of international relations
    • Analysis of historical facts
    • Diplomacy
    • Public image workshop and international projection
    • Fundamentals of the public image
    11th Cycle 12th Cycle
    • Introduction to diplomatic and consular law
    • Introduction to the general theory of the state
    • World reality
    • Workshop strategic and geopolitical planning
    • Modern Geopolitics
    • Introduction to the constitutional political right
    • Semiology of speech

Fourth year

13th Cycle
  • International conventions, treaties and sea convention
  • Introduction to public international law
  • International economic integration
    • Asia-Pacific political history
    • Protocol cases
    • International economic integration workshop
    • Private international right
    15th Cycle 16th Cycle
    • Political analysis
    • International Law of human rights
    • Principles of foreign policy of guatemala
    • Workshop of international, regional and NGO bodies
    • International and regional organizations
    • Thesis seminar
    • Domestic tourism


Registration requirements

  • Take the Location Exam.
  • Legible photocopy of both sides of the mid-level title, authenticated by a notary.
  • Legible photocopy of the DPI Personal Identification Document, according to the standard required by the University and authenticated by a notary.
  • Simple photocopy of mid-level grade certificates.

Graduation Requirements

  • Present Complete Stationery.
  • Pass the race with an average above 70 points.
  • English Language Management (Bachelor).
  • Thesis and Private (Bachelor).

Egress Profile

The graduate professional will obtain a training that integrates diplomatic, legal, economic, political, social, cultural, geographic, communicational and historical knowledge that provides a geopolitical and commercial perspective needed in today's world in an External Service and in a Private Sector that demands senior executives updated in the area of cooperation, the development of international and inter-institutional relations.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Universidad Galileo es una entidad educativa superior, producto de 40 años de labor y esfuerzo constante de un selecto grupo de profesionales encabezado por el Doctor Eduardo Suger Cofiño, Ph.D., fund ... Read More

Universidad Galileo es una entidad educativa superior, producto de 40 años de labor y esfuerzo constante de un selecto grupo de profesionales encabezado por el Doctor Eduardo Suger Cofiño, Ph.D., fundador y Rector, quien ha logrado conformar una propuesta educativa completamente diferente a la tradicional y que es impulsadora por un lema muy claro: “Educar es cambiar visiones y transformar vidas.” Read less
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