• Official title: Graduated in Civil Engineering
  • Branch of knowledge: Engineering and Architecture
  • Center: Higher Polytechnic School of Zamora
  • Type of teaching: On-site
  • Spanish Language
  • Regulated profession: Technical Engineer in Public Works
  • Duration: 4 academic courses
  • ECTS credits: 240
  • Places of new entry 2019-20: 80


The Degree in Civil Engineering begins its implementation in the USAL in the 2010-11 academic year, once the verification process has been passed, and it replaces the studies of Technical Engineer of Public Works, specializing in Civil Constructions. In 2016, this Degree renewed its accreditation.

This Degree qualifies to practice the regulated profession of Technical Engineer of Public Works (Order CIN / 307/2009, of 9 February, by which the requirements are established for the verification of the official university qualifications that qualify for the exercise of the profession of Technical Engineer of Public Works, BOE 18/2/2009)). The Curriculum consists of 240 European ECTS credits, distributed over 4 academic years, at a rate of 60 credits per course.115643_zamora_civil.jpg

The Degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de Salamanca has two training itineraries: Civil Constructions (itinerary A) and Hydrology (itinerary B) that are taught, respectively, at the Higher Polytechnic School of Zamora and the Higher Polytechnic School of Ávila. The first two academic years are identical in both itineraries, not third and fourth. External internships have an optional character.

The general and common objective is the training of students with a scientific and technological base that enables them to immediately practice within the legally established powers: participate in a responsible manner in the writing of studies and projects and in the direction, organization and exploitation of engineering works and services.



The curriculum will be oriented to the development of the objectives that are detailed below in terms of skills to be acquired by the students:

  1. Scientific-technical training for the exercise of the profession of Technical Engineer of Public Works and knowledge of the functions of advice, analysis, design, calculation, project, construction, maintenance, conservation and exploitation.
  2. Understanding of the multiple technical and legal constraints that arise in the construction of public works, and ability to use proven methods and accredited technologies, in order to achieve greater efficiency in construction with respect for the environment and the protection of the safety and health of workers and users of public works.
  3. Knowledge, understanding and ability to apply the necessary legislation during the exercise of the profession of Technical Engineer of Public Works.
  4. Ability to project, inspect and direct works, in their field.
  5. Capacity for the maintenance and conservation of hydraulic and energy resources, in its scope.
  6. Capacity to carry out territorial planning studies and environmental aspects related to infrastructures, in their scope.
  7. Capacity for the maintenance, conservation and exploitation of infrastructures, in its scope.
  8. Ability to carry out studies and design surface or underground water catchments in their area.
  9. Knowledge and ability to apply business management techniques and labor legislation.
  10. Knowledge of the history of civil engineering and training to analyze and assess public works in particular and construction in general.
  11. Knowledge and capacity to give an efficient and effective response to the universal accessibility of the people that the Society demands.

Admission profile

It is important to have a solid background in basic scientific subjects, so the origin of the Baccalaureate in the Technology modality is recommended, and as a second alternative, in the modality of Nature and Health Sciences or the origin of the Formative Cycle of Professional Training of the Building and Civil Works branch.

Other desirable characteristics:

  • Interest in Mathematics and Physics and ease of calculation.
  • Computer skills.
  • Capacity for analysis and synthesis, and to understand and elaborate abstract models from particular aspects.
  • Practical sense of organization and method and ability to work as a team.
  • Spatial vision and attention to detail and good manual skills.
  • Mentality open to changing content, interest in new technologies.
  • Innovative capacity in the face of technological advances and interest in research.
  • Knowledge of a second language (English).

Recommended subjects

  • DC. of the Earth and environment
  • Technical Drawing II
  • Physical
  • Mathematics II
  • Industrial Technology II

Access, Pre-registration, Admission and Registration

In order to enroll in this Degree, special conditions or tests different from the general ones established by the basic state regulations are not provided.

Students with partial official university studies who wish to be admitted to this degree should consult the requirements in the section "Transfer of file" of the Academic Guide of the degree in this same web.

Academic and Professional Exits

Academic Outputs

Once you finish the Degree in Civil Engineering, we suggest you study one of the following University Master's degrees at the USAL , if you opt for a greater specialization:

  • Cartographic Geotechnologies in Engineering and Architecture
  • Advanced Analysis of Multivariate Data and Big Data
  • Nuclear physics
  • Physics and Technology of Lasers
  • Intelligent Systems
  • ESO and Baccalaureate Teacher, Vocational Training and Language Teaching

Professional outings

This Degree enables to practice the regulated profession of Technical Engineer of Public Works.

The USAL facilitates your professional insertion. Links of interest:

  • Professional orientation.
  • Training for employment.
  • Employment exchange.
  • Advice on business creation.
  • Practices for students.
  • Practices for graduates.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated May 27, 2019
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4 years
5,042 EUR
Price per credit, in euros: 21.01
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June 2023
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Application deadline
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