Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia (DAM)


Program Description

The official title of the Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia (D.A.M.) of the University of Girona has the objective of forming professionals with a polyvalent profile, claimed by certain strategic segments of the audiovisual industry in the period of the new demands. These professionals are the multimedia designer, the audiovisual producer and the director of audiovisual projects and multimedia. After finishing the studies, the graduates can elaborate entirely audiovisual products: from the idea envisioning, going through the tools and technique, to the expressive transmission of the content.

10 reasons to study the DAMC

  1. Because our profession continues to grow. You will work in a strong sector that hardly knows the crisis and has significant growth rates.
  2. Because the profile transmedia provides many opportunities. You can apply for various jobs related to audiovisual communication and multimedia with its specialties, such as video games, advertising, film, photography, etc.
  3. So you get a double degree: Top-up. You can do a fifth year at a university in the UK or Denmark.
  4. Because we have all the necessary technology and infrastructure. The new, Cultural Factory Coma-Cros, the Science and Technology Park, Bloom center 3D and emerging technologies and the Business Incubator Salt, among others, guarantee infrastructure perfectly adapted to the needs of demanding studies in this regard.
  5. Because we are pioneers in multimedia education. The ERAM College, founded in 1998, distributes audiovisual and multimedia studies since 2001, as the title itself, and from 2009 as an official degree.
  6. Because our teaching staff are experts. The teaching staff consists of professionals active in audiovisual communication specialists.
  7. Because our studies are multidisciplinary and cross. They integrate both disciplines related to visual communication (visual, graphic design, multimedia, photos, etc.)
  8. Because we attach great importance to creativity. Our curriculum devoted 200 hours of classes (20 credits) to encourage creativity.
  9. Because we are a vocational college. From day combine theory and practice.
  10. Because the classes are not overcrowded. We limit the number of seats to provide a quality learning and personalized to the student.

Career opportunities

  • Audiovisuals, Cinema and TV: Direction, production, realization, photography direction, script, camera, edition, color artist, audiovisual design and motion graphics
  • Video Games: Programming engineering, programmer, musical design, audio design, post-production, scripting, user interface design, 3d modeling or animation.
  • Advertisement: Creative direction, art direction, graphic design, illustrator, art final, advertisement writing, bill direction or mediums planning.
  • Digital Communication: Project management, community management, online marketing, SEO, SEM, digital strategy, content director or redactor.
  • Transmedia: CEO technology, technology direction, apps, web design, motion manager, cross-media management, programmer, database development, story design or concept art.
  • Photography: Professional photographer, editorial, advertiser, industrial or fashion, portrait photographer, digital editing, laboratory, photography director, commissary or artist.
  • Sound: Audio design, music design, sound technician, musical production, creator of musical applications or post-production of multimedia projects
  • Design: Graphic design, branding, editorial design, advertising design, packaging design environment, typographic design, design management.
  • 3D: Animation, modeling, special effects design, design and animation of characters, graphics, texturing, illumination, post-production or motion graphic artist.
  • Art: Visual art, exposition commissary, documentary maker, storyboard artist or cultural management.

Study plan

2nd Year

  • Audiovisual production
  • Law and business administration
  • Marketing
  • Setting up companies
  • Image theory and analysis (Design of content I)
  • Creative methodologies
  • Creative techniques
  • Idea creation and development workshops
  • Digital treatment of image
  • Vector-based drawing platforms
  • Multimedia technologies

3rd Year

  • Creative execution
  • Desktop publishing
  • Graphic expression
  • Multimedia scriptwriting
  • Narrative structures and devices
  • Screenplay writing
  • Computer-generated graphics
  • Vector-based animation platforms
  • Audiovisual design
  • Audiovisual direction
  • Computer-generated graphics II
  • English
  • Interactive design
  • Multimedia technologies II
  • Post-production II
  • Programming languages
  • Script writing and development

4th Year

  • Audiovisual design project
  • Audiovisual production project
  • Complementary seminars
  • Design and graphic communication project
  • Digital sound design and creation project
  • Multimedia communication project
  • Work experience
  • Final dissertation

Double Degree - TOP UP (GAM)

Top-up: your internationalization

One of the main objectives of the College ERAM is to ensure professional success of our students. In this regard crucial importance of internationalization. We learned in those fifteen years of experience, which allows international students find better jobs and get better wages.

For this reason, we offer our graduates the option of a fifth year, 4 + 1, which allows them to get a double degree from a top make-up in different universities in England.

Which top-up offer?

University of Lincoln

  • Contemporary Lens Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Design for Museums & Exhibition

University of Northampton

  • Graphic Communication
  • Media Production
  • Photography

What advantages do a supposed top-up?

  • Specialization: 4 + 1 formula allows pursue specialist studies in a professional field which became, ultimately, output professional student. This option complete all general studies.
  • Get a double degree: On completion of studies may choose to directly enter the third year Bachelors of different English and thus get a second degree in that specialization official wishing.
  • Life experience: Logically, lived for a year in another country, the uniqueness of that society and culture different from our own, is a life experience that will always grow as people.
  • Language Knowledge: Those who choose to make a top-up perfectly able to master the English language in the field of speaking and listening. This aspect is crucial to the global world we live in now.

Preregistration Admission

Pre-registration for access to graduate studies in Audiovisual and Multimedia formalizes the Internet address


Here are the different modes of payment of Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia.

Furthermore, the College ERAM financing offers customized according to your needs and possibilities. If you want to make a personalized offer, please call us and we will advise you.

Remember that the total price of the course can vary depending on the number of credits you enroll, the maximum being 60 credits (in the case of a first course) and a minimum of 30 credits.

Payment Options

  • Option 1: Financing monthly Tuition fees of 1,500 euros + 10 450 euros * * This fee is if you enroll for a full year (60 credits)
  • Option 2: Single payment If you prefer, you can make a single payment, in which case you get a bonus of 3% of the final price.
  • Option 3: Payment in two installments If you choose this option you will get a 2% discount on the final price.
  • Option 4: Payment in three installments If you choose this option you will get a 1% discount on the final price.
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About the School

The School ERAM was created to provide high quality education and answer market necessities by training new professional profiles in the New Media and Design field.

The School ERAM was created to provide high quality education and answer market necessities by training new professional profiles in the New Media and Design field. Read less