Degree in tourism - classroom


Program Description

General information

  • Faculty : Juridical and Company Sciences
  • Modality : face-to-face
  • Language : English
  • Duration : 4 courses
  • ECTS : 240

Student profile

Belonging to the branch of Legal and Business Sciences, the Degree in Tourism encompasses a wide field of knowledge that defines the skills, competencies, skills and aspirations that future professionals have to meet. It is advisable that the student who chooses our degree has a sensitivity for the environmental, social, cultural and economically sustainable development, aptitude for interpersonal relationships and contacts, ability to communicate, reasoning and verbal comprehension, analysis and negotiation skills, flexibility and Critical sense, adaptability to change and the environment and spatial mobility. Thus we indicate that Tourism is a solidarity activity, an open encounter of cultures and therefore, the profile of the student of Degree in Tourism must also be a person with a generous, cooperative, creative, enterprising and dynamic character.


The UCAM, University with a Degree in Tourism, Offers you studies based on innovation and technology as the key component of competitiveness so that you become a complete professional, prepared for the world of work and able to opt for Wide exits of tourism. In addition, teachers are 100% involved in your training and from the institution we give you the possibility to do international Studies With scholarships in our more than 140 partner universities.

Career prospects

Graduate studies in Tourism open up new professional horizons. In the current labor market, there can be a multitude of professional profiles linked to these studies:

  • Accommodation area
  • Commercial boss
  • Public Relations
  • Turistic animator
  • Scope of Restoration
  • Director of Banquets and Conventions
  • Commercial Restoration
  • Field of Intermediation
  • OPC (Professional Congress Organization)
  • Product Manager
  • Responsible for Product Quality
  • Scope of Transport and Logistics
  • Customer Service Technician
  • Commercial director
  • Relationship Manager
  • Scope of Planning and Public Management of Destinations
  • Technician or Manager of a Public Promotion Institution or Director
  • Director or Technician of a Product Dynamizing Institution
  • Product Scope and Activities
  • Technical Event Management Advisor
  • Commercial director
  • Responsible for Promotion and Marketing
  • Product Manager
  • Field of Teaching and Research
  • Scope of the Consulting
  • Scope of Cooperation for Development


First course

  • (BSC) Structure of Tourist Markets (6)
  • (BSC) Introduction to Theory of Communication (6)
  • (OBL) Tourist English (6)
  • (OBL) Fundamentals of Accounting (4,5)
  • (OBL) Law and Tourism Legislation (4,5)
  • (OBL) Theology I (3)
  • (BSC) Organization and Management of Companies (6)
  • (BSC) Geography of Resources and Tourist Destinations (6)
  • (OBL) Commercial Law (4,5)
  • (OBL) Consumer Behavior (4,5)
  • (OBL) Fundamental Ethics (3)
  • (OBL) Second Language I (French / German) (6)

Second course

  • (BSC) Fundamentals of Marketing (6)
  • (BSC) Fundamentals of Economics (6)
  • (BSC) Planning and Management of Sustainable Tourism Spaces (6)
  • (OBL) Business English (6)
  • (OBL) Written Communication (6)
  • (BSC) Structure of the Communication Industries (6)
  • (BSC) Artistic Foundations of Communication (6)
  • (BSC) Business Management and Marketing (6)
  • (OBL) Second Language (French / German) (6)
  • (OBL) Applied Ethics and Bioethics (3)
  • (OBL) Theology II (3)

Third course

  • (OBL) Advertising and Interactive Tourist Communication (4,5)
  • (OBL) Tourism and Cooperation for Local Development (4,5)
  • (OBL) Organization of Congresses, Events and Protocols (6)
  • (OBL) Statistics Applied to Tourism (6)
  • (OBL) Advertising and Public Relations (6)
  • (OBL) Social Doctrine of the Church (3)
  • (OBL) Leadership Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (4,5)
  • (OBL) Humanities (3)
  • (OBL) Communication and Image Management (6)
  • (OBL) Market Research & Techniques (6)
  • (OBL) Cultural Heritage Management (4,5)
  • (OPT) Optional I (6) (to choose between):
    • Creativity in Communication *
    • Management of Active Tourism, Leisure and Leisure
    • International marketing**

Fourth grade

  • (OBL) Sales Management (4,5)
  • (OBL) Hotel and Catering Management (6)
  • (OBL) Tourism Consulting and Research (4,5)
  • (OBL) Public Management of Tourist Destinations (4,5)
  • (OBL) Quality Management and Tourism Innovation (4,5)
  • (OPT) Optional II (6) (to choose between):
    • Advertising Design Applied to Tourism *
    • Airport Management and Management **
  • (OBL) Advertising Communication Strategy (6)
  • (OBL) Tourist Distribution Channels (6)
  • (OPT) Optional III (6) (to choose between):
    • Financial analysis**
    • Public Relations Strategies *
  • (PE) External Internships (6)
  • (TFG) End of Grade Work (6)
  • * Mention in Direction of Publicitaria and RRPP.
  • ** Mention in Commercial and Marketing Management


  • Mention in Advertising Direction and Public Relations.
  • Mention in Commercial Management and Marketing.


Studying Tourism at the UCAM in person gives you the possibility to carry out Practices in leading companies As the chain of NH Hotels. You will have a Complete training For your future thanks to direct contact with the sector.

Entry Requirements

Bachiller LOGSE with selectivity, training cycles of higher grade or FP 2nd degree, access test for over 25 years, access for over 40 years with professional experience, university degree and own access tests.


Laly García, Exalumna Degree in Tourism. "Without the knowledge Acquired in the UCAM had not Professionally grown The way I have done it, and it would not have been so Easy to find work. "

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La Universidad Católica San Antonio - UCAM, como universidad católica, se caracteriza por ofrecer a sus alumnos una formación integral, basada en los conocimientos teóricos y técnicos específicos de cada titulación más la formación humana anclada en los principios del humanismo cristiano, a esta labor se dedican un claustro docente de reconocido prestigio y un equipo de tutores personales, Read less
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