Degree in production engineering


Program Description

Duration: 10 semesters

Periods: Day and Night

What are you doing?

Production Engineering is a course with many possibilities: it involves the design, management and improvement of production systems of goods and services by applying own techniques and methods for improving business efficiency.

Therefore, the production engineer can pursue opportunities in the areas of quality control, production planning, strategy, information systems, logistics, among others.

What are you studying?

One of the characteristics evaluated by MEC who put ESEG at No. 1 were consecrated didactic and pedagogical resources of the institution.

Here, we divided the course into two broad areas of knowledge.

Production Management

  • Design and Production Systems Management
  • PCP (Production Planning and Control)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Work Organization and Ergonomics
  • Quality management
  • Performance and Cost Measurement
  • Simulation
  • Project Management

Product Development and Entrepreneurship

  • Product Development Process Management
  • Marketing
  • Product design
  • Process Design
  • Business Law
  • Business plan

So that our engineers can make relevant contributions and consolidate your learning, we employ more attention on five major areas of knowledge, forming a basis for the course. Check it:

Basic Sciences and Technology for Engineering

Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Automation, Simulation and Environmental Sciences.

Organization and Humanities

Theories of Organizations, Development Systems Thinking, Ethics, Social Responsibility, Human Resources and Communication Management.

Applied Quantitative Methods

Operations Research, Mathematical Modeling and Business Statistics, Methods numbers.

Applied Information Technology to Production Management

Integrated Corporate Systems, Database and Information Technology, Programming.

Savings and Finance

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics, Sector Studies, Accounting and Economic Engineering.

The course also includes hours in the grid dedicated to conducting traineeship and development of extracurricular activities related to both the practical application of knowledge and for scientific achievement jobs.

Where do you work?

Production Engineering is part of the administrative and production areas of all types of organizations. So, as a production engineer you have the opportunity to work in many places.

Below are some examples:

Service companies

Such as hospitals, construction companies, consulting or shipping and air transport companies.

Institutions and public enterprises

Including Post Office, Petrobras, National Energy Agency, the National Petroleum Agency and BNDES.

Private companies

In the food, automotive, agribusiness, banks, investment banks, insurance companies and pension funds.

Making Production Engineering, many job opportunities await you in various market sectors, to complete its course.


The registration fee is $ 45.00.

The School of Engineering and Management is with a special plan of tuition for the first half of 2016: - Monthly Production Engineering R $ 1,350.00

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

A Escola Superior de Engenharia e Gestão está há apenas 9 anos no mercado, mas já mostra excelentes resultados e se destaca entre as escolas nacionais devido aos seus diferenciais.

A Escola Superior de Engenharia e Gestão está há apenas 9 anos no mercado, mas já mostra excelentes resultados e se destaca entre as escolas nacionais devido aos seus diferenciais. Read less