Degree in marketing


Program Description


The process of globalization has impacted on the styles and methods to raise marketing strategies and developments and widespread the need for policies and marketing tools in a wide range of structures and social entities. Marketing professionals are able to develop a comprehensive and strategic approach to marketing, business opportunities and distinguish compete in changing scenarios, implementing marketing strategies for goods and services that meet the demands of the segments that guide its trade policy.

EAN offers a curriculum for technicians and graduates in Marketing legitimated by an Advisory Council of companies committed to the institutional project. Teachers have extensive training and experience and are trained in handling teaching strategies to promote the acquisition of skills. The practical training of students efectiviza by analyzing real cases of companies associated with EAN, which expose their problems for treatment within subjects. pre ateneos professionals in companies and discussions with experts from Management Sciences are being done.

Scope of Title Associate Degree in Marketing

Graduates will be able to:

  • Attending the commercial management of a company, in the development of the tasks inherent in that department.
  • Analyze market conditions, as well as the different actors who work in commercial activities in different markets.
  • Facilitate the search for the necessary data to enable proper decision making in the marketing department of a company.

Scope of Bachelor Degree in Marketing

Graduates will be able to:

  • Develop strategies, marketing plans and market research.
  • Define strategies and sales structures in companies of different nature and scope.
  • Design, implement and track campaigns and integrated marketing actions, as part of the tables commercial management organizations or as a consultant / independent communications consultant.
  • Participate in the development of strategies and actions of marketing and integrated communications aimed at launching and improvement of products in traditional markets and non-traditional, national and international, as part of the operating tables and / or commercial conduct of organizations of different nature and size or as a consultant / independent consultant.



First quarter

  • 01. Fundamentals of Marketing
  • 02. Sociology
  • 03. Computers
  • 04. Mathematics I

Second term

  • 05. Business Planning
  • 06. Consumer Behavior
  • 07. Mathematics II
  • 08. Fundamentals of Accounting
  • 09. General Economy


First quarter

  • 10. Statistics
  • 11. Policy and Product Development
  • 12. costs
  • 13. Applied Economics
  • 14. Sales Administration and Supervision

Second term

  • 15. Organizational Management
  • 16. Commercial Law
  • 17. Management and Negotiation With ict
  • 18. Economic History
  • 19. Quantitative Techniques


First quarter

  • 20. Marketing
  • 21. Direct Marketing Techniques
  • 22. Marketing Services
  • 23. Logistics
  • 24. Integration and Management Seminar Practice

Second term

  • 25. Pricing Policy
  • 26. Marketing on the Internet (e-commerce)
  • 27. Planning and Budget
  • 28. Financial Management
  • 29. Ethics and Professional Ethics


First quarter

  • 30. Research Methodology
  • 31. Formulation and Evaluation
  • 32. Control Panel
  • 33. Retail Management (retail)

Second term

  • 34. Advertising and Promotion
  • 35. Quality Management
  • 36. Market Research
  • 37. Professional Practice Seminars
  • 38. Final Workshop



Marketing Analyst University (3 years)


Marketing Bachelor (4 years)

Last updated Mar 2020

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