Degree in management - international bachelor program in management


Program Description

Degree in Management - International Bachelor Program in Management

This program is Taught in French and English

This practical training, looking to the international, can integrate the world of work after-three years of study. It aussi Provides an opportunity to embark on a Masters in Morocco and abroad. Pedagogy program, based on enaction (a process by qui we structure our past to guide our future experiments shares) registered students in learning loops alternating immersion in business, learning and theoretical interaction with teachers. This dynamic view of training is ideal for learning and management of business in the qui Develops student. Teaching through enaction and Gives students a head start to meet the professional challenges he will face.

Training objective

to prepare students for integration into business and to inculcate the knowledge and skills Necessary for successful integration into the labor market IBPM The AIMS program. Students will Develop the expertise Being and expertise ALLOWING it to open up the sectors and trades. IBPM The training takes place in the context of a professional project que la built as Their student learning and her experiences in businesses. This will allow to gradually _him_ Understand the operation, problems and the complexity of the business. 's job Specializations After two years of general education, the student will work on a professional project and choose a business-oriented specialization in the third year. Sales & marketing development: prepared students for careers Such As account manager, responsible for market research, communications manager, sales manager, etc. Finance Track: prepared students for careers as executive assistant, assistant controller, insurance and banking (account manager), etc. Office management: prepared students for careers as responsible for sales administration, purchasing, procurement, back office responsible operations, etc. Advantages of the program ‣ Double Degree

‣ An international faculty

‣ Exchange semester abroad

‣ Scholarships

‣ Course in French and English.

‣ Internships

‣ Masters in Morocco or abroad.

Last updated May 2016

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