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Program Description



Industrial Design, as a discipline, seeks to integrate within the strategic, productive and commercial fields of the company all those attributes that the future user will value in products in an emotional, functional and sociocultural way.

The Industrial Design is, of the disciplines integrated in Product Development, the closest to the human being as user. Design has its historical origins in the need to adapt industrially manufactured products to the trends and human needs of emotion, notoriety and differentiation. Where there is no difference there is no valuation.

Why study the degree

One of the main distinctive features that characterize this training in the Campus of Ferrol is the strong interaction with the industrial and business environment that has already been achieved over the fourteen years of existence of the EUDI.

There are numerous Industrial Design and Product Development Projects, the Seminars, technical and strategic advice and many activities that are carried out continuously in the framework of numerous research and advisory agreements, framed in the teaching activity, and in which the Students actively.

This success is possible thanks to the extensive involvement of students, the institutional support of the University of Coruña and the dedication, capacity and special motivation of the teaching staff.

The level of training achieved by the graduates and the quality that the Projects directed in the EUDI are the optimum guarantee for the institutional, business and industrial agents of all sectors, with which it collaborates intensely.

What is learned

The Graduate or Graduate in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development can develop their profession in the industrial company, in the public administration and in the companies of engineering and consulting (services).

In any of them it is very probable that in his work he directs, participates or is related to projects of diverse nature. In fact, the "business-by-project" business models are becoming more frequent.

Hence, previous familiarization with the concepts, complexity, particularities, and methodologies of resolution, management and project management facilitate the student's incorporation into the professional world.

Structure of the Study

1st Course

  • Fundamentals of Engineering Materials
  • Mathematics I
  • Basic Informatics
  • Basic Design
  • History of Art and Design
  • Fundamentals of Physics
  • Mathematics II
  • Graphic expression
  • Design Methodology
  • Artistic expression

2nd Course

  • Physics Applied to Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Applied Graphic Expression
  • Design Projects I
  • Techniques of Applied Artistic Expression
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical systems
  • Desing assisted by computer
  • Design Projects II
  • History of Design

3rd Course

  • Theory of Machines
  • Computer Aided Analysis
  • Design and Product
  • Current Industrial Design
  • Workshop on Models and Prototypes and Experimental Projects
  • Marketing
  • Industrial processes
  • Advanced Computing and Design Integration in Manufacturing
  • Design Projects III
  • Ergonomics and Design
  • Economic and Business Aspects of Design
  • Information and Communication Technologies I
  • Management of Innovation and Design

4th Course

  • Design and Processing with Polymers
  • Product Development Technologies
  • Recycling and the Environment
  • Semiotics and Psychology of Perception
  • Administration and Industrial Organization
  • Esthetic
  • Quality management
  • Technical office
  • Final Project
  • Legislation and Legislation
  • Information and Communication Technologies II
  • Industrial Logistics

Professional and academic outputs

Specific fields of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development:

  • Cabinets and Design Departments in any type of industrial companies.
  • Departments of Projects, Research and Development, Production, Marketing and Marketing.

Professional environment in which it is located

The Professional Figures in which the Graduated or Graduated in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development can exercise their activity are:

  • Industrial Design: Drafting and supervision of Industrial Design, Strategic, Product Development, Marketing, étc. Projects, in design studies or offices, independent or belonging to Departments in any type of industrial company.
  • Executives, Directors or Graduates in Engineering in Design of industrial companies or Public Administration, especially in Departments linked to R & D & I.
  • Teachers in the Public Administration (University, Vocational Training, Institutes and approved centers) and in Private teaching centers.

Professional and academic outputs

Drafting and supervision of projects of industrial design, strategic, product development, marketing, etc. In design studios or offices. Management in industrial companies or public administration. Teaching in public and private schools.

Recommended profile

Based on the experience gained in the EUDI (University School of Industrial Design), after fourteen operating courses, it does not seem necessary to establish an ideal admission profile for admission of students beyond the currently established admission profiles by law .

The students who currently access this degree, from the different access routes of the Baccalaureate, given the interdisciplinary nature of the training, do not show specific training problems, beyond those usual in an Engineering degree. There is no reason why this situation could change.

Common access requirements

In order to request a place, one of the following access requirements established in art. 2 of RD 1892/2008:

  • To be in possession of the title of Bachillerato, or equivalent, and to pass the Test of Access to the University (PAU)
  • Comply with the requirements for access to the university in the educational systems of member states of the European Union or other states with which Spain has signed international agreements in this area.
  • Have passed the University Access Test for over 25 years, or have it passed, in the University System of Galicia, according to previous regulations.
  • Have passed the university entrance test for those over 45 years.
  • Possess a title of superior technician of professional formation, teachings of plastic arts and design or superior technical technician, or equivalent titles.
  • Possess an official university degree, a degree from correspondents to the previous order of university education (graduate, graduate, engineer, etc.) or equivalent degrees.
  • To be able to access the university according to educational orders prior to that established by Royal Decree 1892/2008, of November 14, not contemplated in the previous sections.
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