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The word originally means measuring surveying and demarcating land. However, the work of Engineer Surveyor is no longer restricted to agricultural territories, their field is very broad. The surveying is present in various branches of Engineering and the participation of the Surveyor Engineer is essential in many projects, from planning to the measurement of completion.

The Engineer Surveyor is enabled to work in engineering companies, industries, construction industry, utilities and educational and research institutions. In heavy industry, surveying is a major monitoring tools and control of large structures, accurate positioning of parts and machines, quantification of deposits and monitoring of their production.

The Surveyor Engineer is qualified for and treat data topométricos surveys, geodetic, gravimetric, hydrological, hydrographic, photogrammetric, bathymetric and pictures. Prepares charts and topographical plans for infrastructure works, lawsuits, as an expert surveyor, demarcation of areas of environmental preservation, sanitation systems, irrigation and drainage, among other activities. Does the lease of civil works, transport, tunnels, pipelines, road geometry projects, rural and urban settlements, as well as their demarcation and division. Also works with discrimination, sharing land, georeferencing of rural and urban properties, surveys, skills, assessments, arbitrations. Monitors the physical space to build roads, railways, waterways, ports, airports, tunnels, underground mines, pipelines, dams, issues reports and technical advice, always signing up on ethics and safety.

With the popularity of global positioning satellite technology and GIS, the Surveyor Engineer saw his work out of the activity that was not visible to the general public for a mass consumer product. Digital and GPS tracking maps become part of everyday life of people in their cars, on mobile, on leisure, in sports, in the news that are accompanied by the media location, in consultations over the Internet, and numerous other applications. Anyway, the latest technology valued and spread the Surveying Engineering in society.

The course lasts a minimum of four years, with a workload of 3600 hours, including hours of compulsory traineeship and ACG (Graduate Complementary Activities).

Last updated Jan 2016

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