Degree in business administration


Program Description

University Degree

diploma Bachelor of Science in Business Administration recognized by Florida Department of Education - Commission for Independent Education.

professional development

better manage your own business or evolve in the managerial career. Develop professional communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking, decision making and ethics; plus background in accounting (American and Brazilian), finance, economics, entrepreneurship and legal aspects that influence business.


Tuition of $ 266.00 US dollars. Graduation time: 5 years. 8 subjects per year.


The course consists of 40 courses and graduation time will depend on how many subjects the student obtains approval quarter. Each quarter the student can enroll in up to 3 disciplines, ie up to 12 courses per year.


To meet the different learning styles and personal availability, Ambra offer teaching in 3 modes: face, blended and online. All follow the rigorous standards of academic quality prevalent in the United States.

Last updated Sep 2016

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