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Program Description

General information

  • Faculty : Escuela Politécnica Superior
  • Modality : face-to-face
  • Language : English
  • Duration : 5 courses
  • ECTS : 300

Student profile

The student who wants to begin his studies of Architecture in this University, should possess to some extent, the following qualities:

  • Vocation to assimilate and to deepen in the spatial relations, considering them as means and aim of the academic development towards the professional life.
  • Knowledge of graphic language and willingness to convert this medium of expression into the main vehicle of information transfer.
  • Knowledge of mathematics and physics at the highest level of Secondary Education.
  • Predisposition to acquire advanced knowledge of Geometry and Representation Systems.
  • Knowledge of Art History and interest in the appreciation of aesthetic criteria.
  • Capacity for analysis, observation and research.
  • Inclination for training in technical aspects and industrial processes.
  • Capacity for teamwork.
  • Acceptance of the necessary formative continuity and updating the progress of the sector.
  • Evaluation of the effort, the experience and the innovation, as ways of learning.


This institution, where to study architecture, is in continuous Formative innovation To get that Our students are the most competitive in the sector, Following this line UCAM has a Classroom of Social Architecture (AAS) in the Campus that allows you to develop projects and dump all the knowledge you acquire. In addition, we have recognized teachers who support you during the four years involved in your training and becoming a complete professional prepared for the real world.

Career prospects

Architect in free exercise of profession. Designer and / or director of Building, Rehabilitation, Restoration, Reform or Expansion Works. Author of works of Urbanism: Urban Planning and Management, Urban Installations. Urbanization Projects. Technical in various environmental aspects: landscaping, bioclimatic architecture, environmental impact studies. Interior architecture and decoration. Advice on real estate processes. Report writer and opinions. Expertise. Valuations. Arbitrations. Specialist in Pathologies. Technical in the service of Public Administrations (Local, Autonomic, State). Academic teaching. Aspects of management, consulting and control of works.


First course

  • (OBL) Analysis of forms in Architecture I (4,5)
  • (BSC) Descriptive Geometry I (6)
  • (BSC) Architectural drawing I (6)
  • (BSC) Applied Physics I (6)
  • (BSC) Applied Mathematics I (6)
  • (OBL) Theology I (3)
  • (OBL) Urbanistic IV (4,5)
  • (OBL) Analysis of Forms in Architecture II (4,5)
  • (OBL) Descriptive Geometry II (4,5)
  • (OBL) Architectural drawing II (4,5)
  • (BSC) Applied Physics II (6)
  • (BSC) Applied Mathematics II (6)
  • (OBL) Fundamental ethics (3)

Second course

  • (OBL) Computerized graphic expression of the architectural project (6)
  • (OBL) Hª of art in architecture (4,5)
  • (BSC) Building Materials (6)
  • (OBL) Architectural Projects I (6)
  • (OBL) Theory and General Hª of architecture I (4,5)
  • (OBL) Theology II (3)
  • (OBL) English I (4.5)
  • (BSC) Legal basis in architecture (6)
  • (OBL) Expansion of building materials (4,5)
  • (OBL) Architectural Projects II (6)
  • (OBL) Architectural Construction I (4,5)
  • (OBL) General theory of architecture II (4,5)

Third course

  • (BSC) Introduction to Building Facilities (6)
  • (OBL) Architectural Construction II (3)
  • (OBL) Architectural Composition (4,5)
  • (OBL) Architectural Projects III (7,5)
  • (BSC) Economy and property management (6)
  • (OBL) Social Doctrine of the Church (3)
  • (OBL) Urban and Building Facilities I (6)
  • (OBL) Architectural Construction III (4,5)
  • (OBL) Structures of building I (4,5)
  • (OBL) Architectural Projects IV (7,5)
  • (OBL) Urbanistic I (4,5)
  • (OBL) Humanities (3)

Fourth grade

  • (OBL) Urban and Building Facilities II (4,5)
  • (OBL) Architectural Projects V (7,5)
  • (OBL) Architectural Construction IV (4,5)
  • (OBL) Urbanistic II (4,5)
  • (OBL) Building structures II. Requests (4,5)
  • (OBL) Sustainable Architecture (4.5)
  • (OP) Optional (4,5)
  • (OBL) Projects of urban facilities and building (4,5)
  • (OBL) Architectural projects VI (7,5)
  • (OBL) Architectural Construction V. Structures (4,5)
  • (OBL) Urbanistic III (4,5)
  • (OBL) Geotechnics and foundations (4,5)

Qinto Course

  • (OBL) Building structures III. (BSC) Sizing (4,5)
  • (OBL) Urbanistic IV (4,5)
  • (OBL) Architectural Projects VII (7,5)
  • (OBL) Architectural Construction IV. (BSC) Industrialization and energy analysis (3)
  • (OBL) Protection, restoration and rehabilitation of architectural heritage (4,5)
  • (PRC) External Practices Obligatory (4)
  • (OBL) Projects of building structures (5)
  • (OBL) Urbanistic V (4,5)
  • (OBL) Architectural Projects VIII (7)
  • (OBL) Deontology, organization and professional practice of the architect (4,5)
  • (OP) Optional (4,5)
  • (TFG) End-of-Grade Project (6)


  • Archeology and Architectural Restoration (4,5)
  • Pathology of Building (4,5)
  • History of Architectural Restoration (4,5)
  • Computer Applications for Building Extructures


This University, which teaches the Degree in Architecture, Offers you more than 2,000 agreements in Town halls and large companies so that you have contact with a real environment. We provide you with comprehensive training so that you become a competent professional and achieve your goals.

Entry Requirements

Bachiller LOGSE with selectivity, training cycles of higher grade or FP 2nd degree, access test for over 25 years, access for over 40 years with professional experience, university degree and own access tests.


Enrique Parra, Student Degree in Architecture. "What influenced me most were the teachers and their passion for architecture. personalized attention Every student is the best; At UCAM the student It is not a number, Is a person with first and last names. "

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La Universidad Católica San Antonio - UCAM, como universidad católica, se caracteriza por ofrecer a sus alumnos una formación integral, basada en los conocimientos teóricos y técnicos específicos de cada titulación más la formación humana anclada en los principios del humanismo cristiano, a esta labor se dedican un claustro docente de reconocido prestigio y un equipo de tutores personales, Read less
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