Archeology through systematic studies of material culture, attempts to reconstruct bygone social phenomena, incorporating methods and techniques designed to record data to allow an overall view of ancient societies.


  • Form social scientists.
  • Providing an intellectual space for critical and creative reflection of human problems.
  • Enter the knowledge of the great authors, trained in the analysis of the problems of the contemporary world
  • Provide the necessary tools for the systematic study of material culture.
  • Give a solid theoretical and methodological training to enable them to enter the field of basic research or central labor camp.


  • Studies completed high school.
  • Pass the entrance exam.
  • Meet registration requirements.


  • Having knowledge in the humanities or arts.
  • Possess ability to abstract logical reasoning to discipline.
  • Command of oral and written for reading, understanding and exposition of texts in Spanish community.
  • Possess skills such instrumental works.
  • Sensitivity and interest in historical events and cultural goods.


The student must cover 372 credits of the curriculum, which can take from six-month periods as follows:

  • 1. Minimum Load: Ten periods of 37 credits. (Stay Six and a half years).
  • 2. Standard Load: Seven periods of 50 credits. (Four years of stay).
  • 3. Maximum Load: five periods of 74 credits. (Three years of permanence).

Note: The number of credits is set for an average load reference.

Educational experiences Computer Basics, English I and II and reading and writing, may be accredited by presenting a review of skills, Reports ( The accreditation of the other courses depends on the provisions and approved in the existing curriculum and in the academies adjustments approved by knowledge area. See articles 49 to 73 of the Statute of Students 2008 (

The Social Service and Experience receptional cursados ​​may be obtained once 70% of the credits of the curriculum. You must meet the requirements outlined in the Status of Students 2008. Articles 74, 75, 76 and 77 relating to Social Services and Articles 78, 79, 80, 81 and 82 to experience receptional. (Http://


BA in Archaeology.


Article 85: In flexible curricula, for the title are required to comply with the indicated number of credits in each curriculum. (Source: Status of Students 2008 ( Note: Including the appropriations educational experiences receptional Social Service and Experience.



  • Investigation.
  • International organizations.
  • Teaching.
  • Government and private institutions.
  • External relationships.
  • Museums, House of Culture and Cultural Dissemination spaces.
  • NGO
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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July 2020
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July 2020
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