Degree in Accounting


Program Description

The course in Accounting of Integrated Schools "Campos Salles" search the formation of socially responsible and competent professionals for taking technical and administrative decisions in public and private entities, being able to provide well-structured accounting information, reliable, timely and complete for others make management decisions.

Students trained in the Integrated Schools "Campos Salles," when subjected to official training exams, often get high concepts, which proves the high degree of utilization of the syllabus taught in the course.

The curriculum includes strategically placed disciplines in order to provide appropriate linkage in technical and vocational training, aggregated with other supporting efficient moral, ethical and additional general knowledge. It is always geared to the demands of the labor market and updated with the relevant legislation.

Our teachers are concerned with elementary education in a spirit of critical analysis, with emphasis on the human being inserted in an ethical vision of the profession, which prioritizes the Truth, the Common Good and the awareness of the prevalence of the interests of society as a whole.

Duration of the course: 8 semesters

Shift: Night

Schedule: From 19h to 22h30

Job market :

The counter can perform their activities on condition that liberal or self-employed, employee governed by the Labor Code, for civil servants, military, partner of any type of company, director or advisor of any entity, or in any other legal status defined by law, exercising any function.

These functions may be the analyst, adviser, assistant, auditor, internal and external, advisor, consultant, storage controller, controller, educator, writer or technical writer, accounting or tax bookkeeping, reporting performer, tax taxes, legislator, organizer , expert, researcher, planner, teacher or lecturer, editor, reviewer.

Last updated Feb 2016

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Somos uma instituição de nove décadas dedicadas a um projeto educacional que visa formar e informar. Read less