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Computers have made more of an impact on our society than any other invention of the past century. Beyond smartphones, computer systems continue to find more and more uses in homes, businesses, and industry through the development of smart devices that are connected to the Internet. Be the person who tackles and solves 21st-century problems by interconnecting these devices and developing the software that controls them. Kansas State Polytechnic’s computer systems technology and Web development technology programs teach you how.


Professional options

Computer systems technologists are found in organizations of every size and industrial classification. Software developers are employed by companies of all sizes to support the manufacturing, engineering, research and development of new systems. Kansas State Polytechnic has graduates doing this at large corporations, such as Cerner Corporation and Garmin International Inc., as well as many smaller firms.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( lists software and applications developer in the top 20 occupations for future growth of new jobs. A Web developer is responsible for creating, installing and managing a firm’s web presence. Some graduates are employed by the company directly, others work for web development firms that specialize in creating websites. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects web development employment to grow 27% by 2024 to support e-commerce and the popularity of mobile devices.

Network and system administrators are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the organization’s LAN as well as the software applications distributed on the network and to mobile devices. Many work for small businesses and manufacturers as the firm’s sole computer resource. All these occupations can lead to management positions which, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are in the top 20 occupations with the highest median annual pay.


  • Computer systems technology

The bachelor’s degree option in computer systems technology builds a foundation of computer science principles and yet allows the student to apply those concepts to a variety of current and emerging technologies. Graduates will be able to design, develop and administrate a commercial-quality software system that includes database interaction, cybersecurity, and a multi-user interface.

All bachelor’s degree candidates must either successfully complete the associate degree in Web development technology or transfer equivalent courses from another college or university. In their junior and senior years, students expand their experience to technologies beyond the web such as mobile devices, robots, network programming, Windows desktop programming and Web analytics.

  • Web development technology

The Web development technology program option leads to an associate degree. Graduates will be able to set up a web server, create a website on the server that supports modern e-commerce and act as both developer and administrator of the site. Coursework centers on the core areas of web development, computer programming, database systems and network administration. Students learn project management techniques as they use modern programming languages and other software tools to develop Web-based applications.

Students in this program can continue with the bachelor’s degree option in computer systems technology.



The computer systems technology program is designed for students interested in the practical application of computer hardware and software. The ability to think through a problem in a logical, step-by-step manner is very important in this field, as is a genuine interest in hands-on laboratory activities. High school studies should concentrate on mathematics, computer applications, physical sciences with related laboratory activities and written and oral communications.


Laboratory facilities used in the computer systems technology program provide a hands-on learning environment with state-of-the-art equipment and software. Facilities include well-equipped computer laboratories containing software with which to develop programs, database systems, website content and other applications. The computer networking laboratory is devoted to realistic, hands-on experience in installing, configuring and programming networking hardware and software.

Computer systems technology focuses on the areas of programming, networking, computer hardware and commercial software. Kansas State Polytechnic's curriculum develops the students’ program design and problem-solving abilities to use in multiple computer programming languages. A two-semester capstone project then allows students to perfect those skills and implement them in a realistic computer system.

Faculty stays connected with current trends in technology by conducting research and incorporating their findings into the classroom. Their industry experience and professional network ensure students are fully prepared to make the transition into the workforce.

Computer systems technology graduates can apply their education expertise in careers as programmers, system administrators, data administrators, web developers and IT support.

Academic Curriculum

The computer systems technology curriculum builds on foundations of computer science and applies these concepts in today's business environment. All students take introductory classes in operating systems, computer hardware, programming, and networking. The curriculum incorporates an elective block allowing students to select an area of emphasis in programming or network administration.

Computer Systems Technology (pdf)

Career Options

A major in computer systems or web development technology is for students interested in knowing how to make computers solve problems and process information, rather than just using computer technology. Coursework provides an understanding of computer programming applications, database administration, computer networking, and operating systems, as well as science, mathematics, communications, and business courses.

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