Civil Engineering & Architecture Semester in Moscow


Program Description

Join us on an exciting opportunity to spend your semester abroad in the leading Russian university for civil engineering and architecture studies!

The program includes a wide range of English-taught disciplines in the areas of civil engineering, architecture, urban planning, and related areas, such as urban sustainability, climate change, renewable energy, and many more options that may fit for BSc, MSc, Ph.D. students.

You will have an opportunity to sign up for Russian language courses. 


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Program highlights 

  • Variety of disciplines on relevant topics
  • Opportunity to immerse yourself in rich Russian culture
  • Access to state of the art research equipment
  • On-campus accommodation.
  • Sophisticated sporting facilities on campus (Swimming pool, athletic arena, and others)


One discipline 15 500 ₽.
Russian language 20 000 ₽.
Russian language “Intensive course” 9 000 ₽.
On-campus accommodation 1 590 ₽/month.


There are more than 50 disciplines to choose from, contact us to get information on how to apply!


© Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU)


  • Urban sustainability
  • Sustainable urban and territorial planning
  • Sustainable engineering support of urban territories
  • Sustainable transport systems and urban mobility
  • Sustainable urban transportation
  • Sustainable urban architecture
  • «Green» building
  • Social aspects of sustainable urban development
  • Sustainable urban energy efficiency
  • Sustainable construction object life cycle
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency in engineering systems
  • Energy audit
  • Construction materials for the sustainable built environment
  • Sustainable urban design
  • Green built environment
  • Advanced construction technologies for energy-efficient buildings
  • Project management in construction and construction site management
  • Environmentally sustainable cities development
  • Sociological methods used for sustainable urban development
  • Human safety, natural and technogenic problems in the 21st century
  • Smart house
  • Smart built environment
  • Construction investments restoration of cultural heritage
  • Introduction to specialty
  • Building information modeling
  • Sustainable real estate market development
  • The smart and sustainable built environment
  • Practice firm
  • Integrated analysis of the build environment life cycle
  • Principles of disaster mitigation and reconstruction
  • Preservation of the heritage in the conditions of the development of modern architecture
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Occupational safety and health issues in buildings
  • Metrology, standardization, and certification
  • Automation of life cycle management of residential and public buildings
  • Advanced energy conversion systems
  • Metering systems in smart buildings
  • Sustainable building and urban design
  • Architectural design for urban agriculture Smart BIM in HVAC
  • Intelligent building systems
  • Intercultural Europe: urban planning based on the principles of social integration
  • Green energy and climate change
  • Energy and climate: sustainable development
  • Sustainable design and whole lifecycle
  • Green behavior and personality development
  • Urbanization, climate change, displacement and relocation
  • Energy efficiency technology in the electric power industry
  • Land use and energy efficiency
  • Climate change at urban and peri-urban scale in tropics:  impacts, mitigation, and adaptation
  • Adapting buildings and cities for climate change
  • Qualitative  and  quantitative  research  on  consumer's behavior related to energy efficiency and climate change
  • Risk management of the transition to the low carbon economy
  • Renewable energy: resources and technologies for potential countries’ market players
  • Engineering response to climate change
  • Green built environment and climate change
  • Urban development and climate change
  • Spatial urban planning and climate change
  • Simulation  of  construction  management  strategies  for  energy efficiency
  • Organization and methodology of scientific research
  • Simulation  of  construction  management  strategies  for energy efficiency
  • Impact of climate change on human development
  • Smart city and analytics
  • Climate change risk assessment for the heritage buildings
  • Changing role of disaster risk management
  • Climate change and disaster risk reduction nexus

Optional Russian language courses

  • Russian language (6 ECTS)
  • Russian language “Intensive course” (2 ECTS)
Last updated Apr 2020

About the School

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) is the leading Russian University in the area of civil engineering with a century of teaching and research tradition.

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) is the leading Russian University in the area of civil engineering with a century of teaching and research tradition. Read less