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Program Description

Video Game Design and Development

Learn the techniques of the industry to model fantastic worlds, design competition cars, create heroes and villains of legend or prepare sports competitions, as well as bring them to life to include them in a video game.

Concept-Art Illustration

Would you like to work in the film or video game industry? Have you ever thought about how exciting it would be to work for a great illustration company? Here you will discover all the techniques of the professionals, the keys and their tricks. We will teach you the technical knowledge to take your art to another level and how to design fantasy, real or fictional worlds that later will become small or large film productions, television, video games, etc. Your imagination has no limits, discover how to focus your talent on a future profession.

Sculpting Extreme

Learn how to work in "Sculpting" mode to create the most complex and detailed 3D models on the market. You will learn to design and model characters for the different sectors of 3d. You will learn human anatomy and its sculpture techniques. From the initial idea to the sculpt, detailed, textured and implementation. All this applied to the different styles. Cartoon, realistic, creature design and any character you can imagine using all the techniques and secrets of the industry.

You will learn how to use Zbrush in depth and combine it with other 3D packages, implementing the power of creation exponentially.

Man working on computer

You can train in three different ways:

  • On-site: Classes are 3 hours a day from Monday to Thursday at our facilities.
  • Telepresence: Students connect live with the teacher and their classmates from Monday to Thursday 3 hours a day. Once the classes are over, they hang out on the virtual campus to see them again as many times as needed.
  • Online: Students have time freedom to access the classes recorded and uploaded by the teachers every day, and they have a weekly hour of tutoring with the teacher to resolve any doubts they may have.

Syllabus: Concept-Art Illustration Module


Month 1

  • Photoshop introduction
  • Basic Geometric Shapes
  • Basic rules of light
  • Types of light and shadow
  • Basics of Perspective (1 PF)
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Materials: Basic

Month 2

  • The Value (Grayscale)
  • Materials: Intermediates
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Basics of Perspective (2PF)
  • Proportions
  • Complex Geometric Shapes

Month 3

  • Basics of Perspective (3PF)
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Vehicles and complex objects in perspective

Month 4

  • Advanced Perspective (1 PF, 2 PF, 3 PF)
  • Scenarios and camera angles
  • Light and shadow

Month 5

  • Advanced Anatomy
  • Theory of color
  • Materials: Advanced
  • Landscape painting
Concept Art

Month 6

  • Advanced Anatomy
  • Search for references and generation of ideas
  • Making thumbnails (thumnails)
  • How to create your own brushes and custom shapes
  • Composition, Law of thirds
  • Design through silhouettes
  • Props Design

Month 7

  • Advanced Anatomy
  • Interior and exterior design
  • Environments and backgrounds for video games
  • Weapon design
  • Phototexturing and mattepainting techniques

Month 8

  • Character design using silhouettes
  • Exploring the character through the line
  • Layer strategy in Photoshop
  • The occlusion pass
  • Turn arround the character

Month 9

  • Advanced Anatomy
  • Acting
  • Expressions
  • Layout

Agenda: Sculpting Extreme Module

Month 1
  • Presentation of the Master and its operation.
  • Applied theory character creation
  • Psychological profile of our character
  • Z Brush: Initiation - practice.
  • Sculpt 1: skull.
  • Anatomy: Proportions of the human body.
  • Drawing: Provide and fit.
  • Anatomy: The human torso
  • Z brush: phased work methodology.
  • Drawing: The Human Torso
  • Sculpt 2: The Human Torso
  • Anatomy: Upper extremities
  • Z brush: optimization and hardware resources
  • Drawing: Upper Extremities
  • Sculpt 3: Upper Extremities
  • Delivery: 2nd installment of a realistic character proposal Tasks from the previous week
  • Anatomy: Hands
  • Z brush: sculpture techniques
  • Drawing: hands
  • Sculpt 4: hands
  • Delivery: 3rd and last realistic character proposal and Tasks from the previous week
Month 2
  • Anatomy: Hands
  • Z brush: Blocking z spheres and other techniques
  • Drawing: hands
  • Sculpt 5: hands
  • Anatomy: Lower extremities
  • Z brush: sculpture techniques.
  • Drawing: Lower Extremities
  • Sculpt 2: Lower Extremities
  • Anatomy: The feet
  • Z brush: projection, layers and morphs
  • Drawing: Feet
  • Sculpt 2: The feet
  • Anatomy: The female torso
  • Z brush: sculpture techniques, projection, layers and morphs
  • Drawing: The Female Torso
  • Sculpt 2: The female torso
Month 3
  • Anatomy: The human head
  • Z brush: Retopology tool
  • Drawing: The Human Head
  • Sculpt 5: The Human Head
  • Anatomy: Portrait and reasonable similarities
  • Z brush: uv creation
  • Drawing: Portrait and reasonable similarities
  • Sculpt 2: Portrait and reasonable similarities
  • Theory: hair techniques
  • Z brush: Skin and subcutaneous details, pores, blemishes, veins and scars
  • Marvelous designer: Concepts
  • Sculpt 2: hair and lock sculpt
  • Theory: Fabrics and garments
  • Z brush: bake techniques
  • Z brush: extract techniques and sculpt hair and fibermesh techniques
  • Marvelous designer: Patterns and simulations
  • Sculpt 2: sculpt fabrics
Month 4
  • Applied Theory Cartoon Character Creation
  • Substance Painter: Initiation
  • Sculpt 5: Blocking
  • Marvelous designer: Personalization of our models.
  • Applied Theory Cartoon character creation, visual language.
  • Sculpt 5: Blocking
  • Marvelous designer: Engarment and morphers
  • 3d Max polygonal modeling
  • Low polygon concepts
  • Retopology in 3D Max
  • Retopology in Maya
  • Retopology in Blender
  • Unwrap uvw 3D Max
Month 5
  • Substance Painter: bake and texturing techniques
  • Polygonal hard surface modeling
  • Prop modeling
  • Vehicle modeling
  • Substance Painter: texturing techniques
  • Basic setup and character pose
Month 6
  • Substance Painter: bake and texturing techniques
  • Polygonal hard surface modeling
  • Prop modeling
  • Vehicle modeling
  • Substance Painter: Texturing techniques Hand Paint characters
  • Marmoset viewer: Initiation
  • Implementation in Marmoset Viewer
  • Enviroment modeling
  • Procedural modeling
  • Prop modeling for enviroments
  • Trees, rocks and ruins
Month 7
  • Bake techniques with Xnormal
  • Polygonal hard surface modeling
  • Prop modeling
  • Vehicle modeling
  • Substance Painter: Texturing techniques Hand paint props
  • Marmoset Viewer Lighting
Month 8
  • Marmoset Viewer Bake and animation
  • Marmoset render
  • Enviroment modeling
  • Procedural modeling
Month 9
  • Marmoset Viewer Bake and animation
  • Marmoset render
  • Feedback on final projects
  • Focus and tips for personal Reel
  • Post production in Photoshop and After effects
  • Final delivery of Master

Agenda: Video Game Design and Development Module

Month 1

Inorganic Modeling I

  • Creation of sets and props based on concept art
  • Concept analysis
  • Concept-based 3D proportions
  • Editing geometry using modifiers Project: Modeling sets and props

Inorganic Modeling II

  • Creating concept-based environments
  • Concept analysis
  • Structuring the concept
  • Advanced modeling of environments
  • Unfolding of UV maps through projections
Month 2

Creation of Environments I

  • Project pre-production
    • Mechanics
    • Levels
    • Gameplay
    • Design and development

Substance Painter

  • User interface
  • Mesh import
  • Layers
  • materials
  • Smart Materials
  • Smart Mask
  • Map Bake
  • Using ID Maps

Unreal Engine

  • User interface
  • Static Mesh Import
  • Importing textures
  • Material creation and editing
  • Distribution of concept-based maps
  • illumination
  • Lighting sets
  • Bake of lights
  • Creation of packages (executables)
Month 3

Creation of Environments II

Project Development (alpha phase)

  • Creation of assets
  • Level flow and development
  • Stage lighting
Month 4

Textures and Shading PBR

  • Textures
    • Photoshop
    • Creating cartoon textures (Hand Painted Textures)
    • Editing textures

Substance Painter

  • Applying materials to assets
  • Advanced material creation

Quixel Mixer

  • Procedural creation of materials
  • Export of textures
Month 5

Organic Modeling

  • Polygonal character modeling (low poly)
  • Zbrush (high poly)
  • Retopology (High poly - Low poly)
  • Bakes (normal map, occlusion, cavity map)
Month 6

Setup & RIG

  • Setup
    • Skeleton creation
    • Orientation and renaming of skeleton
    • Skinning
    • Heavy skeleton influences
  • Rigging
  • IK creation (joints)
  • Reverse Foot Creation
  • Constraints
  • Creation of Switch IK / FK

Unreal Engine

  • Skeletal Mesh
  • Ground
  • Vegetation
  • Postprocess
  • Animation import
  • Creation of blueprints for mechanics
  • Fabric simulation
  • Xgen
Month 7

Project Development (beta phase)

  • Project review and control
  • Joint lighting
  • Mechanics supervision
  • Identification of errors
  • Import of final animations
  • Mixamo
Month 8

Game Design

  • Videogame history
    • companies
    • reference mythical games
    • analysis / writing of games, companies, major events

Management of Info and Randomness in Board Games

  • Formal analysis of a game (structure)
  • Create a board game (linear or non-linear that plays with the information)

Platforms + Shooter Workshop

  • Balance of routes

Exercise: shooter level (unreal) / platforms (unity)

Marketing and Distribution

  • Pitch
  • Kikstarter
  • Community management
  • Industry figures
  • Publishing
Month 9


  • Content presentation with Marmoset Toolbag
  • Presentation and creation of projects


Accelerator module

Pre-production of the project
  • Construction of the project pipeline
  • Pipeline structuring with Shotgun
    • Follow-up assignments
    • Optimize the Gantt chart
    • Productivity parameterization
    • Timing assignment and team milestones
    • Tracking of production phases
    • Cloud connection Desktop Experience in person and online
    • Online project visualization
    • Share management
    • On-screen feedback
    • Multitasking review
    • Reduction of uncertainty in productivity analysis
  • SCRUM methodology learning
  • Calendar calculation
  • Feasibility metrics
  • Testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Game pitch
  • Marketing plan
Launch - prelaunch
  • Market evaluation for departure dates
  • Preparation for launch
  • Pitch preparatory
  • Presentation at events
  • Project presentation court
  • Presentation to the public

Teachers with real experience

Top teachers

Jorge Momparler

  • Concept Artist at Gameloft
  • Concept-artist and illustrator. He has worked on dozens of projects for video games and producers of the caliber of GAMELOFT. He has been an illustrator of covers and interior images for Comics, ConceptArtist and texture supervisor at Magoproductions for the animated series "The Flying Squirrels".

Andros Martínez

  • Senior Concept Artist
  • I have worked as a Marketing artist in mobile and Steam indies studios as "Feral Fury", I have worked as an instructor for Animschool, I have also worked in pre-production of films for London Studios. I spent a month in Toronto as an internship at Imaginism Studios receiving mentoring from people like Bobby Chiu, Key Acedera and Alvin Lee.

Angel Rams

  • Freelance Illustrator and Cartoonist
  • My full name is Ángel Rams Figueroa, I was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1982. Although I have a degree in construction engineering, my true passion has always been art. I was taught by a professional comic artist for a few years and then learned on my own. My professional experience has been related to illustration, comics, stage design for hotels, water parks, themed architecture.

Juan Antonio Valverde

  • Concept, Visual & Story Artist
  • Graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), in 2005, and with a Professional Training Degree 2 in computer systems programming and a Master in Graphic Design, Juan Antonio develops his professional activity as a Freelance in Illustration and Graphic Design from the year 2012. He has had the opportunity to exhibit his works 5 times in his hometown (Valencia), and once as a guest at the Animazing Gallery in New York (USA), in Rodez (France), in the area of the medieval castle Belcastel.

Nacho Lapuente

  • Character Artist at Elite 3D
  • Specialties: Digital Sculpting, Render, Skin, Hair, Fabric, Textured, Animation, Zbrush, VRay, MentalRay, Marmoset Toolbag 2, Unreal Engine 4.
  • He has worked on projects like Call of Duty Infinite Warfare or Hitman.

David saiz

  • Lead Environment Artist at EA
  • David Saiz has many years of experience working in video games, television, commercials, attractions and Virtual Reality experiences. David has worked in numerous studios such as Sony Online Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and film and commercial studios such as Rhythm & Hues, among others. He is an experienced Technical Lead as well as an artist. Some of the projects I've worked on are Overwatch for Blizzard, The Sims, Planetside 2, Mass Effect New Earth, among others.

Discover our exclusive Accelerator Program

Last year you will enjoy our 9-month acceleration program, which offers advice and training necessary for the development of all kinds of entrepreneurial projects. Take advantage of our Know how and all our facilities. Finish your training with a successful project and a professional demo-reel.

Work in a real studio

In the 9 months of accelerator you will work on a real project, a project with its objectives, its timings, its deadlines as in a real production company. You will know how to work in a video game or cinema development studio doing a real project, your project.

Your own startup

Do you want to develop your own project? If you have a good idea here you can carry it out. Or if not, you can always join the many ideas that we propose and launch ourselves, whether as a graphic designer, modeller, programmer, etc.

Real publishers

The main objective is that the projects see the light. For this reason we have different financing, distribution and promotion systems such as PlayStation Talents, which finance projects of up to € 200,000

Professional supervision

Because we know that working alone and without supervision is difficult. That is why the students of the accelerator will count from the first day with the help of our teachers and professionals who will supervise and provide constant help for the development of the project.

Custom installations

Working at home is very comfortable but it is not fruitful, we all know that. In our facilities you will work with your team in a professional environment, with a meeting room, a game room, food / drink machines and all the services of a company in the sector.

Multidisciplinary team

You will work with very different career students. Experts in video games, game design, programming, 3D modeling, animation, cinema, concept, all working as a team forming a link for future projects and ideas.

Employment exchange

We will take care of personally searching and managing job offers that may fit with the situation and preference of our students, both nationally and internationally.

Demo reel

And all this so that you have a professional demo reel, a specific demo reel for the job you want to develop, which you can attach to your cover letter or resume, which we assure you will open all doors to your professional future.

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