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Program Description

History… the story of humankind

EMU is a Christian liberal arts college dedicated to Mennonite values of peacebuilding and service. We study history from a global viewpoint, one that highlights our need for one another. Study history with us, and we’ll analyze the human experience through a peace and justice lens.

History In Our Backyard

Our campus is only two hours from both Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, and Richmond, the Confederate capital. We’re also close to many other historic sites in history-rich Virginia, including the unique Museum of American Frontier Culture in nearby Staunton, many Civil War battlefields, and the National Park Service’s historic Skyline Drive.

About Our Program

A Unique Focus on Faith in Action

EMU history grads treasure our program’s social history approach. We focus on groups like women, religious minorities and other individuals often overlooked in conventional history classes. Our history students are exposed to various viewpoints and explore the many ways God works in history through people — the meek and the mighty, the famous and the little-known, major world powers and developing nations.

Our students develop a Christian perspective on evolving economic and political systems and cultural and religious issues. We encourage them to think of the moral and ethical implications of particular ideas and events from the past.


Major in History

A major in history consists of 30 SH in history including HIST 121 “Introduction to History and Methods” (3), and HIST 452 “Seminar in History” (3).

Ideally, majors should:

  • take a wide range of history courses (the United States, European and global)
  • acquire a high level of proficiency in at least one foreign language

Major in History and Social Science

This interdepartmental major of 45 SH consists of studies in United States History (6 SH) and required focused study in the following areas:

  • early or modern American history or African-American history
  • European and world history
  • area studies of Latin America, Africa, Asia, or the Middle East
  • historiography and history research methods
  • political studies
  • economics
  • geography
  • social science

Major in History and Social Science, Teaching Endorsement for Grades 6-12

To become a middle or high school history or government teacher, you will earn both an education major and a history and social science major (see history course catalog). This course of study includes one semester of student teaching and many other practical experiences in schools. Students will work with academic advisors from both the history and education programs.

Here is additional information from EMU’s well-known education program:

Secondary Education (Grades 6-12)

Earning your secondary education license to teach involves a double major in education and your content field: biology, chemistry, computer science, English, history and social science, or mathematics.

It also includes one semester of student teaching and many other practicum experiences in schools. And because EMU’s program is approved by NCATE, the national accrediting association, your teaching license for grades 6-12 will be accepted in most of the U.S.

Minor in history

A history minor requires 18 SH of history which should include courses in U.S., European and Area Studies.

Minor in history and social science

A minor in history and social science requires 18 SH, including 6 SH in history, 6 SH in political studies, and 3 SH each in economics and geography.

Career Choices

A degree in history opens doors to a wide range of careers. Many fields require people with a solid liberal arts background, and few academic majors are as versatile as a history major. History graduates are equipped with key transferable skills that employers desire: research, synthesis, analysis, and clear written and oral communication.

The most popular choices include:

  • Law school or another graduate study
  • Development and sustainability work
  • Journalism
  • Library science
  • Secondary education
  • Seminary study or church work
  • Print or broadcast journalism
  • Archival or archaeological research for museums
  • Jobs at local, state and national government agencies
  • College or university teaching
  • Service or mission work
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An EMU education helps students to discover their purpose in life and prepare to make a difference for the common good at home and around the world. EMU’s rigorous academics emphasize one-on-one relat ... Read More

An EMU education helps students to discover their purpose in life and prepare to make a difference for the common good at home and around the world. EMU’s rigorous academics emphasize one-on-one relationships with professors, cross-cultural awareness, care for creation, and service to others. Read less
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