Bachelor's in Economics


Program Description

Authentic, rigorous and consequential Christian liberal arts education in economics and business.

We invite our students to engage in an authentic Christian liberal arts education that transforms our expectations of economics and business. We believe this is the best preparation for influencing and transforming business, industry and economic policy in today’s dynamic, demanding and complex world.

We provide a rigorous focus on the foundations of economics and business with appropriate specialization, at the right time and for the right reasons. We ensure that students understand theoretical and applied concepts in business and economics in shaping their analytical, problem-solving and creative abilities. We provide opportunities to explore areas of focus with our majors and tracks in a way that doesn’t force a false urgency to specialize too early in your education.

We understand experience counts. We provide real-life experiences in the genuine community that shapes vocational insights and choices, early and often. You will gain valuable experience through internships, collaborative faculty-student research, alumni and business networking events, entrepreneurial projects, business club professional development opportunities and client-led project work. We believe the tangible application of your education reveals your calling, prepares you for post-graduation opportunities and positions you to compete for opportunities that lie ahead.

We value genuine community. We provide an intimate, collaborative educational experience with local and global community engagement. This is evident in our class size, our commitment to faculty advising, the presence of alumni on campus and the constant engagement of leaders and professionals on campus in a relationship with our students. In addition, we are preparing 21st-century students for a global society through our programs in Chicago, China, Jamaica, London, and Philadelphia. These experiences provide the opportunity to engage the world broadly and deeply alongside other Hope students and faculty.

Degree programs

We offer competitive economics and business programs that complement Hope’s liberal arts education, yet provide appropriate depth and application.

We provide three core majors and minors (economics, business, and accounting) as well as specialized tracks (human resources, finance, marketing, and operations). By keeping our majors reasonable in size, we ensure flexibility for students with double majors in our department (e.g., business/economics) and across the broader curriculum. For example, many students may also minor or double major in areas such as biology, chemistry, communications, mathematics, modern languages, political science, psychology, and other fields. Our experienced faculty will help guide you to the best possible degree plan to help you accomplish your goals as you discern your talents and interests.


  • Accounting (two majors including a 150-credit CPA major)
  • Business (including Finance, Operations, Marketing, and HR concentrations)
  • Economics


We offer a variety of courses that serve our majors, minors and many students on campus who may only take a small number of economics and business courses.

We focus on the aspect of theory and practice providing rigorous coursework, appropriate depth, and breadth of content, and applied experiential opportunities.

Most students start with Macroeconomics (as it is required for all majors and tracks in the department).

After graduation

Our graduates are making a strong impact at organizations, companies and graduate schools around the country and abroad.

Future plans – Class of 2015

  • Employed: 88%
  • Continuing education: 7.6%
  • Seeking employment: 1.1%
  • Service or other: 3.3%
Last updated Mar 2019

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About the School

Hope College is a private, Christian liberal arts college in Holland, Michigan. It opened in 1851 as the Pioneer School by Dutch immigrants four years after the community was first settled.

Hope College is a private, Christian liberal arts college in Holland, Michigan. It opened in 1851 as the Pioneer School by Dutch immigrants four years after the community was first settled. Read less