Bachelor's in Computer Science


Program Description

COMPUTER SCIENCE is a field of knowledge developing in the modern world in an extremely dynamic way, and the profession of a computer scientist is one of the most sought-after and profitable in the labor market. Computer science is a science that has both a technical and scientific character. If it were to be considered whether the dominant role in this area is played by theory or practice, it should be said that theory serves practice.


Graphics and multimedia

The graduate of the specialization has a professionally certified IT engineer title confirmed with a diploma. The diploma is based on the results of learning in the range of knowledge, skills and attitudes defined on the basis of national and European professional qualification frameworks, which provide the qualifications and authorization to pursue a profession of an IT specialist in various positions requiring general and specialized knowledge and the ability to extend and improve professional qualifications on consequent education levels (supplementing master’s studies) and specialist courses on specific technologies and their applications in business and offices.

Databases and Business Intelligence

Studies with a specialization in databases and business intelligence prepare graduates to work in IT companies, consulting and analytical firms. The acquired knowledge and skills enable to work in Data Mining Centers, in MS SQL-based data wholesalers as a supporter developer, as an analyst in Business Intelligence. Knowledge of programming languages makes it possible to work as a Java programmer. Knowledge of tools and processes supporting the reporting process in Business Intelligence enables to work as a specialist for business applications tailored the needs of the business clients.

Programming and web technologies

Studies with a specialization in programming and web technologies prepare graduates to design IT systems. Apart from stand-alone type applications, graduates are prepared to develop dispersed applications, especially web applications. The graduate of this specialization has the knowledge necessary to create a fully functional website, starting with XHTML and computer graphics, through advanced multi-layered techniques using platforms such as Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) and Microsoft.NET. He can design databases and knows object-oriented mapping techniques (ORM).

Networks and information security

Studies with a specialization in „computer networks and information security” prepare graduates in the area of design, implementation and operation of network operating systems (MS Windows, Linux/UNIX) and LAN and WAN computer networks, as well as their management, with particular emphasis on their security. A future IT engineer will get to know modern methods of securing and authenticating access to information resources, he will also be able to gain certifications confirming the ability to administer computer networks based on solutions of global software and hardware manufacturers (Microsoft, Cisco Systems). Already during his studies, he will be able to easily find employment (in a local, national and global range) as a designer and creator of teleinformatics and computer networks and a computer network administrator, as well as a specialist in the area of IT security.

Work and career

  • Office administration
  • Administrator of computer networks and information systems
  • Banks
  • Consulting
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Web and multimedia applications programmers
  • Business intelligence specialist
  • Public administration
  • Public relations
  • Advertising agencies
  • Computer networks and systems security
  • Computer graphic designer
  • Web and mobile application developer
  • Software Developer
  • Web Sales Administrator
  • Research and Development
  • Business
  • State Institutions
  • Computer Game Developer
  • IT System Designer
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